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Tues, Oct 19 | Noon-2p
Woodrow Wilson Center, 6th Floor Auditorium, 1300 Pennsylvania Ave, NW

Asia’s Growing Crisis:
Floods, Droughts and the
Melting Himalayan Glaciers

The Greater Himalayas, whose glaciers supply
crucial seasonal water flows to some 40 percent
of the world’s population, is a climate change hot
spot. The Tibetan Plateau has experienced a
one-degree Celsius temperature rise in the past
decade alone and more than 40,000 glaciers in
these mountains are in rapid retreat. Grave environmental and human health threats are posed
to regional countries including China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, and Vietnam. The prospect of catastrophic changes in
normal seasonal flows from this Tibetan “water
tower” is real.
Speakers: David Breashears, Executive Director, GlacierWorks. Mountaineer, photographer,
and filmmaker. Syed Iqbal Hasnain, Distinguished
Visiting Fellow, Stimson Center. Chairman of the
Glacier and Climate Change Commission established by the State Government of Sikkim (India).
Orville Schell, Arthur Ross Director, Center on USChina Relations, Asia Society. Author of 14 books,
nine of them about China. Moderator: Jennifer L.
Turner, Director of the China Environment Forum,
Woodrow Wilson Center.
Co-hosted by Asia Society and the Woodrow Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum