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BUYLIST UPDATE November ,18 2010.
Your sale is appreciated very much!
See Buylist condition on the site :
Note that : Mainly only Site customers, ToL Members and Cardmasters Forum are approved.

1 . WSS :

Toren Yscar.
Duncan Kinslayer
Mass Blessing
Glyph of Fate (Some pending)

2. AS :

Daedelia. (Some pending)
Daedelia FOIL FULL
Baroness Lunecia FOIL FULL
Vorpal Blade (Some pending)
Vorpal Blade FOIL

3. GE :

Summon Gargoyle FOIL
Summon Gargoyle
Scales of the Storm FOIL

4. BK :

Daedelia. (Some pending)
Daedelia FOIL
Mass Blessing.


Mass Blessing FOIL
Toren Yscar.
Toren Yscar FOIL
Assassination FOIL
Cure Lethal Wounds.
Vorpal Blade FOIL
Poison FOIL
Poison Dagger FOIL
Princess Dashkova FOIL
Signon’s Armor FOIL
Tears of the Storm FOIL
The Best part of Valor FOIL
Turn to Stone FOIL
Yedraw Tooth FOIL
Saul Tombcarver FOIL
Vorgun FOIL
Whirlwind FOIL
Aenne the Tempest FOIL
Ellyah FOIL
The Gauntlet
The Gauntlet FOIL
Slayer the Unkind FOIL
Anandale Armor FOIL
Cleave FOIL (Some Pending)
Chain Lightning
Darian Windson FOIL
Meteor Swarm FOIL
Extensions FOIL
Demon of Kvar FOIL
Deverenian Hound FOIL
Final Stand FOIL (Sup stock request)
Grey Elf gratitude FOIL
Master Anandale FOIL
Signet Serie – Fixed (Sup Stock Request)
Stinking Cloud
Alesandressa FOIL

5. TC :

Lady Tornhawk FOIL
Lord Winter – Fixed.
Blood Beneath your Wings
Blood Beneath your Wings FOIL
Ghed Lionel FOIL
Gravity Flux FOIL
Sneak FOIL
Too Stubborn to Die FOIL
Gravity Flux FOIL
Blood Beneath Your Wings (Sup Stock request)
Blood Beneath Your Wings FOIL

6. NOV :

Rraag’nar – Fixed.
Avatar of Poison (Some pending)
Advanced Planning FOIL

7. SIEGE :

War Elephant FOIL.
Silver Bane FOIL
Master Isil Loth FOIL

8. C2A :
- Logan Longbow FOIL
- Eclipse FOIL
- Trade Routes (uncommon)
- Assassin’s Arrow
- Assassin’s Arrow FOIL
- Essence Flow.
- Essence Flow FOIL
- Phantasm (uncommon)
- Antlers of the Stag
- Azhraan the Foul.
- Azhraan the Foul FOIL
- Erebus Storm Child FOIL
- Boosters Box Request.
9. BET :

Whirlwind Boots – Fixed.
Angu Mournwater.
Rhama the Cruel

10. DOM :

Bershar Nin.
Avatar of Sanaa FOIL
Helm of Undying FOIL
Various Avatar FOIL Versions.
Kerro FOIL
Kun’s Merciful Touch FOIL

11. SK :

Halo of Fire. (Sup stock Request)
A Quick Death FOIL


Door to the World (Sup stock request)
Door to the World FOIL
Halo of Secrets FOIL (Sup Stock Request)
Halo of Secrets (Sup stock request)
Flawless Motion
Flawless Motion FOIL
Horishunn FOIL
Lady Eryne FOIL
No Prisoners FOIL
Votaurr Plains FOIL
Easy Target
Paying the Price FOIL
Missing Supplement hide stock Foil or normal cards, you could make a specific SK
rare card list to check.
Boosters Box and Pre-constructed Deck request.

12. CE :

Keziah’s Loris Daggers – Common
Lady Tornhawk FOIL
Achilleus FOIL
Cure Lethal Wounds
Cure Lethal Wounds FOIL
Too Fast to see FOIL
Wyvernsting Bow
Bloodoak Staff FOIL
War Elephant FOIL
Premonition FOIL
Black Banner
Atu Amani FOIL
Final Blow FOIL
Greater Regeneration FOIL
Zartoch FOIL
Riveth Yao FOIL
Ram’Zar FOIL
Woodland Cloak FOIL
Lord Kestrel FOIL
Shattering Blow FOIL
Enkida (Uncommon)
Power Word Kill FOIL
Precise Shot FOIL
Tears of the Storm FOIL (Some pending)
Yedraw Tooth FOIL
Doombringer FOIL
Elephant Form FOIL
Scales of the Storm FOIL


Sir Magnus Arcadis FOIL
Spider Form FOIL
Summon Ally (Some pending)
Summon Ally FOIL
The Quest Beast FOIL
Yscar the Elder FOIL
Uthanak FOIL
Terak Justicebringer FOIL
Chain Lightning
Chain Lightning FOIL
Roc Form FOIL
Master Anandale FOIL
Mail of Virtue FOIL
Titan FOIL
Darkhide Armor FOIL
Sneak FOIL
Avatar of Faith FOIL
Kang’Xi FOIL
Vicous Block FOIL
Cobalt Gargoyle FOIL
Find a Way FOIL
Innate Ability FOIL

13. SA :

Stolen Breath
Stolen Breath FOIL
Verdatha Mouth
Verdatha Mouth FOIL
Monkey’s Pawn – Fixed
Cardinal Bromin FOIL

14. CA :

Martyr’s Hide.
Martyr’s Hide FOIL
Reilya the Merciful
Jelia’s Bracers – Fixed.
Divine Fury.
Sir Tython’s Shield – Fixed.
Debt of Blood
Carcass Wyrm (Sup stock request)
Carcass Wyrm FOIL (Sup stock request)
Debt of Blood
Severed of Flesh (Sup stock request)


Missing Supplement hide stock, you could make a specific CA rare card list to check
(Uncommon cards too).

15. DB :

Wheel of Death.
Darkwood Staff – Fixed.
Nightmist FOIL
Once Again FOIL
Shadow Breath FOIL
Summon Swarm FOIL
Mana Shield - Uncommon
Malachite Gargoyle.
Malachite Gargoyle FOIL
Bokos FOIL
Bela d’Ilchant.
Bela d’Ilchant FOIL
Kelemmen – Uncommon
Feyd Rowan – Fixed
Hellbringer Engine FOIL
Ablung the Maker FOIL
Misear Diplomacy FOIL
Darwood Pit - Fixed
Missing Supplement hide stock, you could make a specific CA rare card list to check
(Uncommon cards too).

16. HG :

Dragon Buckler.
Paradigm Shift FOIL
Sir Geoffrey Drac FOIL
Denskan Eagle – Fixed
Belt of Giant Strength FOIL
Nightscale FOIL
Royal Chariot FOIL
Drac Mail FOIL


Champs decks or Champs cards or complete deck set.

18. DF :

Flamefang. (Sup stock request)
Shadow of Murder.
Alloy Gargoyle. (Sup Stock Request)
Tempest Royal (Sup stock request)
Tempest Royal FOIL (Sup stock request)
Rotwing (Sup stock request)
Rotwing FOIL (Sup stock request)
Cyldragen (Sup stock Request)
Morrigan’s Coils (Sup stock Request)
Venomhiss FOIL

19. EOS :

Boil Blood
Pride FOIL
Various Warlord FOIL
Missing Supplement hide stock, you could make a specific EOS rare card list to check
(Foil included).

20. EE :

Logan Longbow (Some pending)
Dragon Buckler (Some pending)
Dragon Buckler FOIL
Selei Yscar – Uncommon (Some pending)
Divine Fury FOIL
Slayer the Unkind.
Slayer the Unkind FOIL
EE Warlord Fixed FOIL (Several)
Verdatha Mouth FOIL
Sipho Hamasi
Lift Up your voices FOIL (Some pending)
Whirlwind FOIL
Lady of Mercy
Black Tom of Corinth FOIL
Ashreign FOIL
Cardinal Bromin FOIL
Acts of Faith FOIL

21. ToL :

Duni Earthwalker.
The Nemesis FOIL (sup stock request)


Diversion Foil (Some pending)
Robe of the Planes (Some pending)
Missing Supplement hide stock, you could make a specific CA rare card list to check
(Uncommon cards too).

22. PS :

Ashling FOIL
Missing Supplement stock, you could make a specific PS rare card list to check (FOIL
Boosters Box, Battle Pack Box (Some pending)



24. Light and Shadow :

Bran Segula. (sup stock request)
Bran Segula FOIL
Arve Yscar FOIL
Missing Supplement stock, you could make a specific PS rare card list to check (FOIL
Boosters Box, Battle Pack Box (Some pending)

25. 4TH ED :
- Various Rares not reprinted.

26. SE :


27. CC :

Rolando (Uncommon)

28. Learn To Play set :


29. Learn To Play set German :


30. Treasure Chest :
- NO
31. SoO :


32. CoG :



Takaxras 4E Promo
Mekh’iah Focus Promo SK
Raziel Focus Promo SK
Shadowreaver SD Promo. (some pending)
SD Promo serie cards.
Taisa AA.
Dwarf Artificier
Sin Marduk.
Tyrgen the Brave (Sup stock request)
Marcus Shawn. (Sup Stock request)
Hammer of Stone.
Feigning Death.
A time for heroes
Judge Dacaus
Potion of Youth
Kar’rak Urartu
Iron Golem (sup stock request)
Drasek the Furious.
Teleport Promo
Kerebrus 4E Promo.
Sahuagin Raider
Tome of Wondrous Jests
Here there Mask
Nellia Yscar
Heat Metal
Blade Hag.
Xaxxon’s Fire
Hero’s Gambit. (Sup stock request)
Blood Worm (Sup Stock request)
Thunic Hydra TC Promo version.
Qor Teth Serie


Jautya Syne.
Kar’rak Urartu


Dragontear Shield.

34. Special :

Orm’ al Ghast Foil deck.
Common and Uncommon Foil Light and Shadow.
Uncut Sheet

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