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An Incomplete Idiots
To Making A Pipe
Or something like that anyway.

Before I tried my hand at pipemaking I had spent three years cleaning and restoring
pipes for sale on Ebay, this gave me a pretty good idea of what not to do. The sheer
diversity in shapes, sizes and finishes still amazes me when you consider a pipe is a
simple tool for smoking tobacco,
At the time of writing (Nov 2010) I have been making pipes for just over a year, I
am far from being an expert but feel that I am now getting somewhere. To me what a
pipe looks like is of secondary importance, its internal structure is far more important, this is commonly referred to as the ’airflow’ school of thought. I continue to
learn and am currently trying to understand the relevance of chamber size and shape
versus airway diameter.
David Irving
DMI Handmade Pipes
Ebay: theaccidentalpipemerchant