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III.J   Data  Description  
HBGary Federal subscribes to commercial malware feeds and has an existing 500GB unique sample malware
repository that will be used for this effort. We will also acquire new feeds and develop malware harvesters to
find and capture new malware that is not available in the feeds. Collection of new malware will be through
seemingly normal web-based activities. The malware objects are binaries, PDF, documents that are or contain
malware. We will ensure the feeds we subscribe to acquire malware through legal, non-intrusive means.  

Section  IV.    Additional  Information    
A brief bibliography of relevant technical papers and research notes (published and unpublished) that document
the technical ideas upon which the proposal is based. Copies of not more than three (3) relevant papers can be
included in the submission.

HBGary Federal, LLC. Proprietary
Use or disclosure of data contained on this sheet is subject to the
restriction on the title page of this proposal.

Volume 1, Technical and Management Volume
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