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Our History

The evolution of Merchandising Inventives,
Inc. (MII) began in Chicago in 1946 when Mr.
Sol Berger, the founder of Merchandising
Inventives, Inc. gained National and
International recognition with his “Display
Mobiles”, the first free-motion hanging displays
ever used in retail stores. Mr. Berger pioneered
the idea of utilizing the ceiling of the retail
store as an important facet of advertising. Mr.
Berger’s ingenious P.O.P. advertising ideas
were recognized by POPAI when he was
inducted into the “P.O.P. Hall of Fame” in 1999.
Even today, advertisers
who are searching for
creative placement of
their in-store display
promotions are realizing
what an integral part
the ceiling plays in
their campaigns.

Sol Berger Founder of Merchandising Inventives 1964

Our Product & Services
Our Product Line:
We carry in-stock for quick delivery: Sign Holders,
Corrugated Displays, Literature Holders, Shelf
Management Systems, Display Hardware, Ceiling
Display Systems, Product Merchandisers and
Display Hooks. We offer same-day shipping for
most in-stock items.
Assembly & Fulfillment:
Because we have components and fulfillment
services all in one place, we can provide greater
flexibility and prompt turn around time in solving
project needs.
Acrylic Display Fabrication:
A knowledgeable resource from project concept
and design through prototype and production.

Our Commitment

We have established a proven reputation
that demonstrates we are completely
dedicated to being the very best resource
for all retail merchandising supply needs.

Graphic Design:
We are an excellent resource for: P.O.P Display
Graphics, Sale Literature, Advertising,
Corporate Identity, Collateral Design, Catalogs,
User Instructions, and Poster Design.