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What are the different ways I can use
MII’s line of Mobile Display Kits?



Megarama ® Pole Display
Materials Needed:
Megarama® (8600MEG)
Display Motor (8600MO)
1-3/4” O.D. Litho Pole
Plastic Base or Wire Feet
Connect the separated pole
and insert into plastic base.
Insert display motor as shown.
Cut out middle of bottom
Megarama® Former.

Remove center disk from
plastic Former


Fasten panels to the
Megarama® and slip over motor
and pole to allow the middle of
top Former to rest on the motor.

Display motor

Refer to page 13 for instructions for assembly
of a Megarama and similar products.
pg. 12
Litho Poles
pg. 77
Plastic Bases pg. 78
Display Motor pg. 83

Plastic Formers support
3-panels from 30” to 60” wide.

Can also work with Hollywood
Wire Feet instead of plastic base
(page 78)

Mini-Triarama ®
Versa-Mount Pole Display
Materials Needed:
Mini-Triarama® (8600M)
13/16” I.D. Litho Pole
Versa-Mount Base Plate,
Peg Clip, or Rail Clip
Insert Versa-mount into litho
pole as shown. Pop out disk in
the middle of the bottom of the
Mini-Triarama® Former.
Fasten panels to Mini-Triarama
and slip pole over to allow the
Formers to rest on the
top of the pole.

Remove center disk
from the center of
plastic Former to
fit onto pole.


*Shown in Illustration

Plastic Formers support
3-panels from 10” to 24” wide

Refer to page 13 for instructions for assembly
of a Mini-Triarama and similar products.
Mini-Triarama® pg. 12
Litho Poles
pg. 77
pg. 79

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