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What do }'ou th ink of whl'n somconl' ml'ntio ns the song ~ My F.woritl' Thing'j.H? Is it th l' Br().ldwolY show tunc .Ionl'
first b}' /\'Iar)' Ma rlin? Or molYbc it's Julil' Andrews in Ihe film vl'rsion of ~ Thl' Sound of Music.- I-low .100ul John
Coltrane's 14 minutl' version Ih" t markl>d a tu m ing point in jazz?

- My F.l\·orilc Things- is.:m ')mazing pil'Cl' of music in part bo.x.1US(' it's bl'\.on dnn ... by so m.lny ,)flisls h om Tony
Bennett to Bett}' Carter to Andre 3000 10 Lu ther Volmfross_ It's s.:lid to bc ~ I ic had Jackson's fJ vorile song nf J llliml.'.
So, w hy hilS this song oc\7om... such an l'm~..(hkd p.ltl o f Ihe Ameri('.m songboo k? ~ Ia y b.:- it's b.x.luS(· HMy F.l\'orite
Things" is that rJre lune &i\'('n to num(' rous inlerpr('IJtions by Jnyonl' .lnd e\'l' ~·onl.' who holS l'\'er h....ud il. jul..,
Andrews .md til Wolyne hJ \'e littll' ciS(> in common musicJlly, but this the)' d o hJve.
This CJn b.:- .1uribuloo 10 th ose g iJnls of /\meric,ln music')l th c-J\('r. r~ods"rs and i-Iammcrslcin. H111... Sound of I-olu ~ ic- .
for which -~'il)' F,wori t(' Things- WolS wrill(·n. WolS the pai r's finJI collolbor.llion. H amm(' r~t . . in d il-d thl' Y('a r ,lfll'r Ih,·
musicJI d . . bulcd o n Broadway. On... wonders what thl.' PJ ir would mak(· of Andn..· 3OOO's \'(-fsio n.

Th ... r... ,)re Ihr(.'C .:Irh·ing fo rces b..hind the \'l'rsion you hold in ~'our h.l nd. Al(rNo .:I ... 1,1 Fe is a f.lbl",,1 l..uin,)JU
\'iolinisl \\'h~ work sp.ms n ...Jrly four dl'C.l.:lcs. His work w ith lipica 73. Eddi.: !'.llmil'ri. l...1~' HJ rlo\\,.•1Ild o;>SlXX'iJ lly
lito Puenle is Ihe sluff o f legend. Hcre. hc intl'rprcls WMy F.l\'oril ... ThingsW.1S .... solo .... u isl in Ihe studio. as well .... 5 .I n
ext r... m . . l)' rJre Ih'c n'Cord ing of Tito !'uenl ...·s L.llin !'cteussio n En....... mble h om Ihe 1980 ~'on l r,';J U): ja:J'.Z I'('$til"ll.
Thc fJC t Ihol t Ih~'$(' n'Co rd i nBS ,1 rc HSIJ IC of the .ntHc.m hi' .111 ri bUk"<lto Iwo pt.'Opll'. D.l\' id ~ \,\flCUSO d('C id("<l 10 fou nd
~The Lofl Audiophile Libr.u), of Music" .1 $ .111 o utg rowth of his hislori c N('I\' York P.Hlles. whic h C.10ll' to b;,- known
JS111(' Lo ft . His t.... $IC in music has b.."en shJ rcd IV i th pt.'Ople atou nd the worl d ,15 The I.ofl has gon,· S'ow I. 1'\1 l s i111ply.
th ...r ... is no PJfly like alo fl party. A liUlt· h istory is in o rdt'r h(·re.
DJ\'id MJnCU50 s penl som... lim ... during his (·.11I), 1if.· in a ch ildren's hom ... in u pst"te Ncw York. On<' ('o uld S,lY Th ...
Lofl was inspi r..."<l by .... pdTty room in Ih" l homl'. run by .... nun n;Jm ..-d Sisll.'r ,\l iciJ. It hold bJlloons (JI W.,YS .I I.oft
fixtu rel. J nd it fed Ihe spi ri tUoll and mJI':rial nl"'''<Is of ol chJng ing. di.·. . r$(' gro up o f kids, UPSWl' 1'\ew Yo rk I\';J) Il'1for
O')\'i.:l, ,)11('....st not for long. He look his fi rst lrip 10 Nl'w Yor k Cily jusl b.:-fo r(' his 181h birt hday, .md wi thi n .1 monlh
Ihe ci ly becJme his hom(·. During this lime ,1 frien.1 inlrooucw him 10 Ihl' .lwesoml' sonic 1X',' Ut~· of Ilw Klip:..:horn
It WJS illsa Juring th is lime Ihal D,wid ~ I Jnc u so .llso Ix·g.m fr''':lu.:ntins 11m! p.Hli('$. wh ic h \\'("f(' simply lJ,lrl1.·~
given by pt.'Op),: (ofl cn in Ilarkm) \\'h':r(· .l no min,\1 f~ WolS charg.>d so Ih ... l;lO(llo rd would ;;('1 his. mon lhl y Iribul.·.
OJI'i.:l w ....s on(' of the firsl pcopl ... to move i nlo 111(' former induSlriil I .lri',l of low.:r ~ l,mh,lItJ 11 Iholl \\'ou Id com,' 1('1 I"
known . . s No ho ye.lf'$ IJ ter. lt WilS her.~ IhJ I the rent pJrly thJI \\,ilS The I.ofl W.lS hom o n V,I!.-nlilW·S IJJY. 19iO. And
loday.3S y....,.-s laler. ,1fter hu ndred s of clubs• ..1 .. 11(. ' !>pJces, ... Ie. h"\· ... com... ,md gont'. Th.' I.oft li\·('5.
Illi\'cs bo.xJuse D,wid I-o I.locUSO hilS fu nclion.:d by.l :5('1 of p rincipk'5. busin('$5. m u ~ ic .•1nd sonic. I !cm('ml,,! (>n(c
h"'J ring som("On... refer 10 TIll' loft J S ,1 nighlclub. One of DJ\' id's looglim" h i\·nds took um br.l!;.... - 111(' l o ft h n(ll .1
nighld ub!H. he thundcn-d. Th ... I.oft is .ln iJ(·ol!
DJ\'id's fundam enlJ I.lpproJc h to music is 5impl\·. R\-..:orJOO m usic shou ld sound ,IS 111(' I~rson m.lkins it in l('n,kd II
to be hl'':lTd . This h;'ls .:\· . . ~· th i ng to do wi Ih Ihe \\'Mmt h. tl'.~ tu r(' ••md sp.lciou sn('Ss Ih.lI ,' ,111 on 1 ~' t'\.~ ,K h le \'cd th rou gil
In.1log rL'CorJ;n g. Digi t,' l music m,lY have Cfl'.l tNI ,1cc.'Ssibl.:. J e.:en\ sou nd. but il wi!! Ol'\W !ll.llCh thc' ,ll'tlm ,,:
anJlog to Ir,\ nsporl IhI.' liSI... ner 10 ol differelll placc. "lenCe the R' prod uclion on vi nyl of H:\ ly F,l\'orit.- Thrng~ The fin.J I compon('nl of Ihis prod uc tion is .J CtUCiill on('. To nl.l k....m Ju.1 iophile r.'Co rd ing uh'5' thc iln ole ,'m,'nt
.In .ludiophile in th(' music mJsteri ng proccss. No d isn'Sp.."(t 10 ,myon(' e1~'. but SIJ n I{ic k(' r is o n(' of th" r,. " I......
in his cr.1 ft IhJ I hJS m.1inl.1inoo ol commitml'n! 10 sonic purily for.ln e;l.t... nd L"<l period o f 1;111('. From TI1 C &·.llk ...
lP Box Set, Pink Floyd's - The D.1,k Sid ... of Th ... Moo n ~ . Co!trJne's " lush U f~'~ 10 Dir.: SlrJ its' HBro thc rs II1 .-\r m
his work is.1 li\' inS 1('SIJmenl to th ... be.luly of music properl y lookl"-d .1fter. To 5(.111 Ihl' list of r.\7ord ~ Ill'·... 111.l'l,·T\,
in vinyl is to b.:- .1mazNI w ith ils d.:pl h. He is. ,' fl . . ' ,111. .m cngint-,,' r and ,1 musici,m. ,mJ Ih,1I's whilllw I>r 111£' t (\ hI
work. ,\oral puri!~' mJ~' nol be Jp p r\'Ci;lI ...d by ('\'l·~·on l·. bUI StJn Ri ch" nMSk rs music fo r t h o~' who d o.
The loft I\ ud ioph ile librJry of ~Iu s ic is ,\ S(·ri cs o f re.:ordings nl.ld . . on vinyl 10 Ih t:' h igh \'St st,m.!:1rd . .[ hc~ ,1/.
cn'oltcd (or Ihe .'ppn..'d .lIion of tho$(' who Irl',l ~ lIfl' qUJ lily .1udio r.'Cordi ng MId to l" p.H1 of you r ,lUd iophlk I,brill
('oll('('tiol1. /\tfredo d e la F~, D.w id ~ IJncu so. Jnd StJ n Ricke r hJ\·... ,1 5hal\.":\ \'isio n. It·s Ol\(' oi sul>; t,\IK(, o\'er ~t\ I.
of shJri ng o\·... r s-clfishncss. o f possibility o\'('r limit.llion.
Enjoy w hJI you h . . .lr!
Lillfr II{OI~ l>y MilT!: R, ik y. II rfldio 11t'(~"lIIlily mId (VlllltlftlldlOf hl~', 1 ill Nt';!! Y", k Cily.
}-f( ' j ,11>(1.1 wfl 1!f(IIII>.'( .!Cuf rill; \)(.''''.

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