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Project Presentation
I am Edouard Fourmaux Lainé, 18 years old boy, born in France.
I have been working during the last two on this big project that consisted in creating all the repaint of all
the Wilco/Air France fleet. Air France recently changed the colours of its Airplanes, and all my repaint
are with the new Air France Livery.
The list of the planes that have been repainted is:


I took some screenshots of all the aircraft that I made to show you the quality of the repaint, all done
with High Definition pictures and painting.
If you are interested in buying these repaints in order to keep your website up-to-date with the new Air
France Liveries for all the planes of your fleet, please contact me by mail in order to discuss the price
together. I have already been working with different FS add-ons editors by selling repaints etc,
especially with Precision Manuals Design Group (PMDG).
If you are satisfied of my work and my repaints, it would be a great honour and pleasure for me to work
with the Wilco Publishing team in the future.
If you want to buy from me the repaints, will be include for free the new Airbus A320 with the Air France
SkyTeam livery. I will find screenshots of this repaint at the very end of this document.
Below are the screenshots of the repaints that I have made for the Wilco Publishing fleet :