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In-depth Reports on Issues in the News


Are you writing a paper?
Need backup for a debate?
Want to become an expert on an issue?
For 80 years, students have turned to CQ Researcher for in-depth reporting on issues in the news. Reports on a
full range of political and social issues are now available. Following is a selection of recent reports:
Civil Liberties


Immigration Debate, 2/08
Prison Reform, 4/07
Voting Controversies, 9/06

Reading Crisis? 2/08
Global Food Crisis, 6/08
Discipline in Schools, 2/08
Preventing Memory Loss, 4/08
Student Aid, 1/08
Future of the Airlines, 3/08
Racial Diversity in Public Schools, 9/07 Aging Infrastructure, 9/07
Stress on Students, 7/07
Wounded Veterans, 8/07

Transition to Digital TV, 6/08
Financial Crisis, 5/08
Cyberbullying, 5/08
Gender Pay Gap, 3/08


International Affairs/Politics

Buying Green, 2/08
Future of Recycling, 12/07
Disappearing Species, 11/07
Fish Farming, 7/07

Race and Politics, 7/08
Campaign Finance Reform, 6/08
The “New” Russia, 6/08
Changing U.S. Electorate, 5/08

Cost of the Iraq War, 4/08
Real ID, 5/07

Prostitution Debate, 5/08
Public Defenders, 4/08
Gun Violence, 5/07
Patent Disputes, 12/06
Sex Offenders, 9/06
Treatment of Detainees, 8/06
War on Drugs, 6/06

Internet Accuracy, 8/1/08
Political Conventions, 8/8/08

Social Trends



Debating Hip-Hop, 6/07
Drinking on Campus, 8/06

Upcoming Reports
Socially Responsible Investing, 8/29/08
Future of Military, 9/5/08

CQ Researcher is available in print and online. For access,
visit your library or www.cqresearcher.com.

Gay Marriage, 9/12/08
Heart Health, 9/19/08

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*Editorial Research Reports, the predecessor to CQ Researcher, provides the same
expert, nonpartisan reporting on the vital issues that have shaped our society.

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