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Hermetic House
of Tremere
Enlightened Will-Workers, profits and wizards, Hermeticism is the mysticism of the Magus! It is the magick of letters and numbers, names and sigils, alchemy,
astrology, the sword, the cup and the staff. Their
have been many names given to the tradition’s great
teacher [Moses, Hermes Tristimagestus, Thoth], and
their wisdom has been called many things [Kabbalah, Enochian, Spellcrafting], but Hermetic’s known
that the secrets to the universe have been scattered
and hidden throughout the world, like a puzzle that
yields the keys to Ascension. The tradition of their
wisdom can be traced back to three roots; transcendental Hebrew Mysticism, Greek and Phoenician occult philosophers, and the ancient sorcerer-priests of
Egypt. It was during the great Alexandrian Empire,
when the learned Greeks became the common thread
of the known world, that the various schools of WillWorkers first came together to cross-pollinate. By the
time of the fall of Rome, the Hermetics had grouped
themselves into Houses, and both diplomacy and war
passed between them. Nearing the turn of the first
millennium, Master Mundi Tremere (the Tremendous World Master), the thousand-year-old god-like
teacher and leader of House Tremere, was promising
mass-Ascension to his students and to save the world
from it’s fallen nature. Master Mundi Tremere was an
otherworldly guardian-angel, present within each and
every one of his followers, guiding them and linking
them to his spiritual might. A cult of Gnostic Hermetecism following their inhuman
messiah, the Tremere’s central chantry, a
cathedral-like mountain temple in the Carpathians, was a mystical wonder, holding
magickal relics, a mystic garden of paradise,
and even a physical doorway into the Astral
Heavens, guarded by seraphim, sphinxes,
elementals and golems. The House of Tremere was so visionary, powerful and advanced
that many Hermetics believed that Tremere
really would “heal the world.” Instead, he
transformed all his followers into Kindred
Creatures, destroyed the Umpyre Empire,
Diablarized the Salubri, and made war on
the remaining Houses of Hermes! What’s
more, he won.
By far the youngest Bloodline in existence, the Tremere are often seen as artificial
usurpers of the Kindred nature. Though it is
reputed that the original upper-echelon of

House Tremere managed to retain their Magus’ nature (the power to shape the world by will alone), the
house as a whole lost their true magick when they
took the Kindred mantel, steeling Immortality from
hell if not from heaven. In its place, they used their
unique understanding of the miraculous nature of the
world, Thaumaturgy, to develop an incredibly powerful and adaptable school of blood magic. Though
apparently just a shadow of the power of true magick,
Thaumaturgy can grant mastery over Vitae
and over the other elements of the world. It
was the power of Thaumaturgy that made
this brood of young vampires a terrible
force, able to face the might of the Umpyre
Empire without even two hundred years
under of Undeath under their belt, as the
Mages’ knowledge translated directly into
Thaumaturlogical power, rather than developing such abilities over the long years
like other Disciplines. During their war with
the Umpyres, the Tremere transformed their
captives into a servant Bloodline of Gargoyles to guard their cabals and do battle
for them. Over the following centuries, for
unknown reasons the Tremere hunted down
and diablarized the Salubri, slandering them
as soul-suckers. The Tremere became the
preeminent clan of Central Europe.
House Tremere then began ritualistically Em-



bracing mortals with mystic potential after a long apprenticeship, learning the mystic secrets of the House,
mastering minor rites and passing trials of merit. Feeding is a sacred-rite, an occult ritual in which the lifeforce is taken in or given to another, not some base
predatory savagery, and is thus always done with the
ritual dagger and chalice. Tremere mysticism grew
and developed to parallel the occult advances of the
mortal Hermetics. While the original House
was a beard-and-staff male-only fraternity,
as most Hermetic houses of the age, like
the mortal Order of Hermes, by the seventeen hundreds women were initiated
and inducted into the mysteries of the
House. By the Victorian era, the Tremere had abandoned the trappings of the
medieval sorcerer and become spiritualists and Undead masters of the occult.
The Tremere claim to be a new evolution of vampire;
Tremere are able to become Unliving, or Dead by will
alone. Still, having died and yet denying that death
as a result of their magical transformation, the Tremere are Undead Immortals by default. Though they
usually have the ability to produce fangs, most never
reveal them, as they’re seen as a sign of the Beast.
All Tremere develop blood-filled eyes while evoking
their Thaurmatological power, though, through great
effort, many Warlocks suppress this reaction or else
maintain their blood-sight at all times, so the sanguine
vision won’t give away their magical activity.
-Spend a point of Willpower and a Bloodpoint to call
upon any one of the effects of being Unliving or Dead
for a full scene, after which a Tremere should be treated as Undead.
• Unliving effects: Drink substances other than blood
or even eat solids, feel the effects of wine or drugs,
cry salt-water tears, salivate, give yourself the blush
of health, or even become sexually aroused.
• Dead effects: Ignore Healthlevel penalties below
Crippled, deaden pain, appear to be dead (-1 to all
Social Attributes when dealing with the living).

Clan Tremere is one of the youngest
vampire clans, having just come into
existence during the dark ages, with its
eldest members having only a thousand
years in Undead. In the little time since
then they have made incredible inroads within
vampiric society and are arguably the most powerful
clan in the modern nights. This is due in no small part
to their strict hierarchy, secretive nature, and mastery
of Thaumaturgy, all of which elicit suspicion, fear,
and respect from other Kindred. The Warlocks stand
as a pillar of the Camarilla and are
one of its main defenders, despite
the fact that they exist almost as
a sub-sect. Some even go so far
as to consider themselves the
next evolution of Kindred kind,
citing their extreme versatility
of blood magic and lack of any
true clan curse or bloodline weakness.
The Tremere are not just positioning
for power within Kindred society, but
are playing a strategy with the fate of the
world hanging in the balance. Tremere himself
was effectively an Immortal Magus in life, seeking to
unite the fallen earth with the ethereal heaven in a state
of utter perfection. Instead, he prophesied
the slow stagnant death of the world as the
miraculous magick of the creation (Sa)
faded from the world, its last tether to the
life-giving creator collapsing in a
cosmic cataclysm. The deadening
disbelief of humanity, their
failure to Awaken and their
perpetual fall from grace
either reflect or cause this
apocalyptic fate, and the
Tremere have been playing
a long game to trump this
disaster. The Tremere
conceived and promoted the
Masquerade, while fueling
the witch-burnings of the
Inquisition. The Final
Nights have many things
in store for the Tremere,
however, and the more
powerful they grow

most promising apprentice, Gortrex, leader of the
Order of the Black Sun, escaped the rigid order and
control of his Master, defecting to harbor with the
Tzimisce in the Sabbat, taking his Order with him.
One of the most powerful Tremere in existence, it is
Gortrex’s mystic might that has thus far prevented
his former brethren from rooting out and destroying
“House Gortrex.” Still, rumors among the Sabbat
claim that Gortrex is still loyal to his teacher and that
his House is just a means with which to infiltrate the
opposing sect.

the more their enemies gather.
What Tremre’s end-game will
be is a mystery even to his own
A teacher and their brood of students, a Cabal is the basic unit
of the Tremere social structure.
They perform group rituals together, including a Vitae-drinking group communions and other
group bonding rites. The Tremere are all mentally linked by
their Elders, feeling each other’s
presence and hearing each other’s thoughts. Though the spiritual link the Tremere share, they
act with startling cohesion and unity. Unity is not just
an ideal to the Tremere, but a palpable spiritual force,
the Covenant of the House. The Warlocks in a cabal
are so closely bound that they maintain a constant
psychic dialogue, a Coven. The secrets of Thaumaturgy are well guarded, and teaching its secrets to those
outside of the House is punished with destruction. A
Tremere who tries
to leave the House
of their Undead
messiah is hunted
to the ends of the
earth and Diablarized back into the
fold. Only one faction has ever managed to escape this
fate thus far; Master Mundi Tremere’s youngest and

Originally one of the most remarkable Pillars of mystic study known to Hermetic
practice, it was the occult art
of miracles, spiritual-unity
and self-empowerment; Thaumaturgy was adapted (or narrowed) to focus on the magical
life-force of the world through
vampiric Vitae. The main path
of Thaumaturgy, the Blood
Path, develops a Witch’s or
Warlock’s mystic sway over
the powers of Kindrid Vitae,
sensing its nature, potency
and powers, honing that power within ones self, bringing
forth its miracles on command, drawing blood to them

protected from intrusion, to rites with which to bottle
memories, enter the Shadowlands, sneak back into the
Astral Heavens, or merely to grant good fortune to the

The sorcerous Tremere have a psychic witch’s-sense,
speaking the spirit’s tongue and sensing the mystic
forces of the world. It’s through Auspex that the Tremere Elder’s create Coven Bonds.

Willworkers and masters of the mind, the Tremere can
pour their will into others through the dominating gaze.

Tremere Flaw

from any vessel or even destroying it, boiling victims
from the inside. Though Thaumaturgists are
the masters of the power of the blood, they
can also telekinetically levitate, summon fire
to their command and even master the clouds. In
addition to the innumerable paths (Tremere often gain House prestige by sculpting new paths
of Thaumaturgy), there are even more Rituals crafted
by innovative Tremere based off of mystic principles
and sacred texts, ranging from sigils to cloak their
haven in protective darkness, mystically sealed and

The Tremere claim to be a higher form of Kindred, a
Bloodline without a curse, aside from the constrictions
of their House’s chosen law. All Tremere are ritually
Embraced using a combination of their master’s
Vitae and a potion derived from the Vitae of the
seven House Elders, leaving that Apprentice-turnedChilder one step towards being Bloodbound to the
House. In nights past, all Tremere Childer were fully
Bloodbound to the cabal of House Elders, though
pressure from the Camarilla has put a stop to this
imposition of absolute control. Still, punishment for
almost all House transgressions includes a baptism
in the House’s Blood, in which they are further
Bound to the House. Further, all Tremere are linked
to the House Unity, a psychic bond that connects
all Tremere through a spiritual link
through the House Elders. Aside
from the constrains of Tremere
House law and spiritual unity,
the eyes of a Tremere fill with
Blood during any turn in which
they use Thaumaturgy.
With a successful
willpower roll at
a difficulty of 8, a
Tremere can repress
of Blood eyes for
the scene. Alternately,
by using the power of
perception, a Tremere
can manifest their
Blood eyes without
using higher levels of the



In the Dark Ages, soon after the Diablerie of the
fallen angel Saulot, House Tremere found
itself surrounded by its enemies... the
remaining mortal Hermetics, Werewolves, and the whole of the Umpyre
The Tzimisce had two subservient
bloodlines, ancient fortifications and
their vozhds and szlachtas to help
them (war and guardian ghouls drawn
up from the Underworld). Tremere himself had unmatched power, and could have
easily resisted the onslaught of these Umpyres,
but his House of followers were a different
The Tremere needed a force that
was able to face the threat that
the Umpyres posed. Alchemist
and master of the spirit, Master
Gortrex developed a great magical ritual, creating an artificial
creature, a Dragon-born earth-elemental, bound into service, a vampiric
Golem; Gargoyles. Created by breaking the will of captured Umpyres, then
blending their Unliving gore and blood
with mortar in a grave pit, and forcing the
mixture to regenerate through the powers
of Thaumaturgy, they’d summon a new creature to rise from the corpses of their enemies.

A conglomerate entity,
the Gargoyles are stony Umpyres, spiritually bound
to the Keep they protect, born to serve the Tremere.
As this new army of gargoyles tested their wings, they were sent into
battle throughout the Carpathian
nights of the Dark Ages. These
slaves were created in three breeds,
each derived from a different combination of Umpyre contributors;
Scouts created from Gangrel-Nosferatu, feral stone-beasts that move at
speed through a rocky territory, Sentinels created from Nosferatu-Voivode
who remain bound to the chantry’s stone
structure, acting like the protective hearth-spirits
of the old world, and Warriors made from GangrelVoivode who led the Tremere’s winged
For the first few hundred years, the fledgling Gargoyles didn’t develop much in
the way Disciplines, aside from their
ever growing inhuman strength and
endurance. Thus, the Tremere created a branch of Thaumaturlogical
rituals to enhance the innate affinities
of their Gargoyle servitors. These
Gargoyles were unable to Embrace
others, and thus they could only be
created by Tremere performing the
creation rite on captive Umpyres.
Throughout the Dark Ages, the
Gargoyles served their Tremere

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