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council tax frozen

We will freeze the Council Tax throughout the next Parliament, enabling households
to keep more of the money they earn

nhs protected

We will protect the NHS budget, allowing us to deliver faster and better treatment
including the earlier detection and treatment of cancer

extra police

We will continue to drive down crime by keeping the 1000 extra police in our communities
and by taking more money from criminals to give back to the communities they have damaged

creating jobs

We will work to win new job-creating powers for the Scottish Parliament

scotland’s future

We will give Scots the opportunity to decide our nation’s future in an independence referendum

energy windfall

We will increase our renewables target to 100% by 2020, ensuring 130,000 jobs
are delivered in the low-carbon economy

youth skills

We will build the skills of young Scots with 100,000 training opportunities each year
including 25,000 modern apprenticeships

free education

We will keep university education free so that access to higher education
is based on the ability to learn, not the ability to pay

futures fund

We will deliver a fairer Scotland with a new £250 million Scottish Futures Fund,
using the savings realised from the Forth Replacement Crossing

better schools

And we will ensure a fair start for young Scots with new investment in early years and a school
building programme that will cut by half the number of pupils in crumbling schools


These elections are about Scotland. You will choose the best
government for our nation. Scotland needs a Scottish Government
that is working hard for people in every part of this country.
Over these past four years progress has been
made. In many ways Scotland is better than
before. Our nation is safer, with 1000 more
police in our communities. Treatment in our
health service is better and faster, and we've
kept it close to home. Family budgets have
been protected by the SNP, with the Council
Tax frozen, prescription charges scrapped and
bridge tolls removed. Class sizes are at a
record low in our primary schools, exam
results at a record high in our secondaries
and more young Scots are in Modern
Apprenticeships than ever before.
Scotland is on a journey. This manifesto
follows the most extensive consultation

undertaken by a Scottish political party.
It sets out the next steps: our ideas and
ambitions for the next five years. With an
SNP government putting Scotland first,
there is much more we can achieve. Progress
has been made but there is more to do. With
your help, together we can and we will make
Scotland better.

Alex Salmond, Leader