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ABookAboutYou .pdf

Original filename: ABookAboutYou.pdf
Title: A Book About You
Author: Charles F. Haanel. Edited by Adrian P. Cooper

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A Book About You

Charles F. Haanel | 1

A Book About You

A Book About You
Charles F. Haanel
Editing and Electronic Book version by
Adrian P. Cooper
Author of:

Our Ultimate Reality
Life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind

Published by Mind Power Books
A division of Mind Power Corporation
Electronic book version copyright © 2006 Mind Power Corporation.
This book may not be copied, converted or transmitted in whole or in part to
any medium, without the permission in writing of Mind Power Corporation.

Charles F. Haanel | 2

A Book About You

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Section One. Planetary Vibrations 10
Section Two. Solar Vibrations 19
Section Three. Mental Vibrations 27
Section Four. Electrical Vibrations 37
Section Five. Celestial Vibrations 50
Section Six. Cosmic Vibrations 65
Section Seven. Light Vibrations 74
Section Eight. Sound Vibrations 82
Section Nine. Color Vibrations 88
Section Ten. Heat Vibrations 95
Section Eleven. Periodicity 105
Section Twelve. The Source of Life 118
Section Thirteen. The Emotions 129
Section Fourteen. Magnetism 137
Section Fifteen. The Imagination 148
Section Sixteen. Destiny 154

Charles F. Haanel | 3

A Book About You

Matter in motion and ether under strain constitute the fundamental principles
with which we have to do in physics. These are both vibratory activities.
We speak of them as if there were two principles; there is, however, but one
principle with a dual manifestation: it is cause and effect. Matter in motion
puts ether under strain, ether under strain puts matter into motion.
All phenomena in the Universe are the result of the operation of this basic
principle. Let us check up on those with which we are most familiar.
Force, all power, energy-call it what you will-resolves itself into two
divisions: kinetic and potential. Kinetic is actual power and is invariably
associated with motion. There can be no motion without something to move.
Kinetic power is, therefore, matter is motion. Potential power is power at rest,
reserve power, power distributed through all space, or ether under strain.
All force, all power, all energy is then a vibratory activity.
The Earth is one of the major bodies of our solar system. As it pushes its way
around the Sun with the speed of a cannon ball, it puts the ether under strain,
and in doing so causes the atmosphere which consists of atoms of hydrogen
and nitrogen to become incandescent; we thus have the phenomena of light.
Light is then a vibratory activity.

Charles F. Haanel | 4

A Book About You
But the Earth not only moves through space which is filled with ether with
the speed of a cannon ball, but it rotates upon its axis at the rate of two
thousand miles an hour at its greatest circumference, with a gradually
decreasing rate of motion until we reach the poles, where there is little or no
This revolution of the Earth constitutes matter in motion as a cause and ether
under strain as an effect; but this time the result is heat, the greatest amount
of heat being found at the equator where strain upon the ether is greatest, with
continually diminishing amount of heat until we reach the poles where there
is no motion and consequently no heat.
Heat, then, is a vibratory activity.
Sound is the sensation produced as a result of matter in motion, which results
in ether under strain. A word spoken in any part of the world changes the
relative positions of the atoms of which the atmosphere is composed. This
change is registered in the ether, which is so inconceivably subtle and
vibrant, that every tone, every letter, every syllable is transmitted to every
part of the world, and possibly to any other world; for this reason a man may
make an address or sing a song in New York and millions of persons may sit
in their own homes and listen to every word.
The sound is originally caused by matter in motion, but it is carried upon the
wings of the ether, the most volatile and active substance of which we can
have any conception.
Sound is then a vibratory activity.

Charles F. Haanel | 5

A Book About You
Color is the result of the vibratory activity of atoms of matter or matter in
motion. As the frequency increases, the vibrations become shorter and more
rapid, the color changes, each change in color being due to a change in the
rate of vibration.
Consciousness is the inner and thought the outward expression of Mind.
Every human being and most animals have innumerable aerials, all reaching
out into space ready to contact every thought, every inspiration, every
indication of danger that their immediate environment may contain. These
minute aerials or hairs, one of which is attached to every pore of the body, are
stirred into activity by the vibrations from the Sun. When the Sun sinks
behind the horizon, they, like the Arabs, "Fold their tents and silently steal
away." We are then no longer conscious, we go to sleep. Consciousness then
is a vibratory activity and is due to the vibrations which reach us from the
All space is the store room of energy, which emanates from the Sun, and
consciousness is caused by the contact of the human brain with the electromagnetic vibrations of which the luminiferous ether is composed and which
have their source in the Sun. Each of the planets is passing through this
electro-magnetic field of force, forming an electro-magnetic field of its own.
These vibrations are being constantly impressed upon the ether and are
received by each individual in accordance with his ability to receive, for the
brain is a receiving instrument and must be in tune with the vibration,
otherwise, it does not register.
Mind or consciousness is then a vibratory activity.

Charles F. Haanel | 6

A Book About You
The personal constituents of a mob might be exactly the same as those of an
army, the difference is that one is organized and one is not. A single atom is
not material, it is simply a definite amount of energy, and by itself would be
absolutely immaterial, but when these atoms are combined and organized,
they assume the characteristics of the whole, of which they are a part. A part
cannot be equal to the whole. On the other hand, the whole cannot be greater
than all of its parts collectively and organically. Each part is as essential to
the whole as the whole is to the part.
If, then, an organism is conscious and intelligent, the atoms of which that
organism is composed must be conscious and intelligent, just as a single
soldier might have a very small amount of power, but if combined with a
hundred thou-sand other similar soldiers and thoroughly drilled and
organized, a very considerable amount of power would be developed.
The atom, of which all organic or inorganic substance is created, is
immaterial, conscious, and intelligent. The degree of consciousness and
intelligence that is manifested in an organic body will then depend upon
whether the mob spirit or the spirit of efficiency and service prevails.
The individual atom has no density. Density is an attribute of matter, and one
atom has no material attributes; it is only when millions of them are
organized into form that they assume material attributes.
The atom is the unit and man is an organization of these units. As Mr. Edison
says, "I believe that our bodies are made up of myriads of units of life, we
have assumed that the unit is man, which we can see, and have ignored the
existence of the real life units, which are those we cannot see."
The aggregate of these life units is the ether, which embodies the ultimate
spiritual principle and represents the unity of the forces and energies from
which spring all the phenomena known to man, whether physical, mental, or

Charles F. Haanel | 7

A Book About You
Such vibrations are, however, not the result of motion in one direction.
The planets, which are gigantic dynamos, not only push their way through the
ether at an incredible speed, but they revolve upon their axis and thus twist
the ether into spiral form, the lines of force which reach us from the various
planets consist therefore of vibrations in spiral form.
When these lines of force are crossed by a second or a third planet, the
electrons necessarily revolve around each other, and the first step in
organization takes place. The electron is then no longer a point mass, but a
mass having an axis of rotation, an arc orbit. The rapidity of motion, the size
and shape of electrons involved, determine the nature of the atom which is
eventually evolved.
As long as the electrons continue to move indefinitely, they remain electrons.
But when they are grouped in a definite system, revolving about a central
nucleus like a miniature solar system, they then constitute an atom of matter.
These units, aggregated into different systems, form the elements. From the
elements, in more complex combination, the chemical substances are made.
The inorganic substances are relatively simple combinations of bases and
acids. The organic substances are more complexly compounded, and these
substances, or some of them when arranged in a mechanism called a cell, are
capable of certain processes: assimilation, excretion, growth, sensation,
When an organism works in a self-sustaining system, we say that it is alive.
Form is the result of the concentration of matter, and the concentration of
matter implies the dissipation of motion. Wherever there is an aggregation of
matter, there must be an equal absorption of motion.
Involution and evolution alternate indefinitely. Both processes are going on
every instant, the ebb and flow of the forces of nature are ceaseless.

Charles F. Haanel | 8

A Book About You
All form, organic or inorganic, is the result of the combination of Earth, Air,
Fire, and Water, and each of these in turn are derived directly or indirectly
from the Sun. Without the energizing rays from the Sun, there could be no
possible motion.
The Solar fluid is the Ether, which holds in the solution every possible form
of matter. This ether in a state of high vibration is the breath of life, in its
lower vibration it is inorganic form, or matter.
All form is then a vibratory activity.

Charles F. Haanel | 9

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