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A Book About You

Matter in motion and ether under strain constitute the fundamental principles
with which we have to do in physics. These are both vibratory activities.
We speak of them as if there were two principles; there is, however, but one
principle with a dual manifestation: it is cause and effect. Matter in motion
puts ether under strain, ether under strain puts matter into motion.
All phenomena in the Universe are the result of the operation of this basic
principle. Let us check up on those with which we are most familiar.
Force, all power, energy-call it what you will-resolves itself into two
divisions: kinetic and potential. Kinetic is actual power and is invariably
associated with motion. There can be no motion without something to move.
Kinetic power is, therefore, matter is motion. Potential power is power at rest,
reserve power, power distributed through all space, or ether under strain.
All force, all power, all energy is then a vibratory activity.
The Earth is one of the major bodies of our solar system. As it pushes its way
around the Sun with the speed of a cannon ball, it puts the ether under strain,
and in doing so causes the atmosphere which consists of atoms of hydrogen
and nitrogen to become incandescent; we thus have the phenomena of light.
Light is then a vibratory activity.

Charles F. Haanel | 4