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Lead Faculty
Dr. Ajay Nangalia PCC
Ajay Nangalia is a founder and Managing Director of Global Coach Trust. He has 25 years of
experience in sales & marketing, HR & OD consulting. Dr. Nangalia has a PhD in Organizational
Leadership from Northcentral University (USA). His research theme is the impact of country
and societal culture on management theory and practice. He earned an MS degree from
Capella University (USA) in HPI and Training. Dr. Nangalia is credentialed as an International
Coach Federation (ICF) PCC level coach. He is an assessor for the ICF for the ACC oral exam; and
is part of the ICF international workgroup on credentialing and process improvements.
Lina Nangalia PCC
Lina Nangalia, a founder director of Global Coach Trust, brings over 22 years of experience in
sales, systems, learning & development and HR at large organizations. She is an Economics
graduate from St. Xavier’s College, Bombay and has a Master’s in Training & Development
from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. She is currently pursuing her PhD in
Organization Behavior from XLRI, Jamshedpur. She is credentialed by the International Coach
Federation (ICF) as a PCC level coach. Lina coaches heads of business and functions in the
areas of individual and team performance, managing relationships, work-life balance issues,
and career development. Her areas of expertise and experience include leadership development, performance
management, enhancing employee engagement, learning and development systems, and executive coaching.

The complete ICF ACC journey in a nutshell
a. ACSTH: 60-hour mandatory ICF ACSTH training program in two modules: The Competent Coach
(foundation level of 30 hours); The Coach Practitioner (intermediate level of 30 hours). Training delivered by
ICF credentialed mentor coaches
b. ICF dues: Candidates pay directly to ICF when they are ready to take the oral exam: membership fees (USD
200) + exam fee (USD 225) + additional fee (USD75) = total USD 500
c. 100-hour coaching: deliver 100 hours of actual coaching within one year of program; can take up to
3 years to complete. Minimum of 75 paid hours; minimum of 8 clients.
d. Mentor coaching: 10-hour mentor coaching, including the 2 reference letters from qualified
coaches. Coaching delivered by ICF credentialed mentor coaches. (Dr Ajay and Lina Nangalia can offer this
coaching to ACC candidates at a special fee of RM 1,400; coaching via telephone, Skype, etc. It is suggested
that you commence this mentor coaching when you have reached the 70th hour of your 100 hours of actual
coaching requirement)
e. Oral assessment: ICF will assign the examiner; the exam will be a telephonic one; it comprises of a live
coaching session of 30 min that the candidate has to do. No written test or knowledge test.
The above comprises the complete ACC requirement
Want to work towards PCC? Attend another mandatory 62-hour program. Call/email us for info.
Note: This information is correct as of production of this document
Questions regarding program fees, logistics, hotel stay, venue, etc., please contact:
G K Lim at gk@gklim.com +6-03-61005992; +6-019-2268987, or
Danniel Lim at Danniel@hrdgateway.com ; +6-03-23811060; +6-012-3020869
Questions regarding ICF certification guidelines, processes, and ICF fees may be directed to Dr.
Ajay Nangalia at ajaynangalia@globalcoachtrust.com; +91 9845012972