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In our philosophy a blog is:
- a personal diary
- a platform from which you can express your thoughts on daily basis
- a space for reciprocal collaboration
- a window for the latest news
- a collection of links
There are already millions of blogs, of every shape and dimension, and there are no real rules
to follow. You decide by yourself what to write in your blog.
In other words, a blog is a place where you can write whatever you like at any moment. Any
new post will appear in the top of the blog, so that visitors can quickly read anything new.
They can also send you some comments, link your blog to theirs and send you an e-mail if
they like.
In short, by this blog we’d like to describe the lives of every single member of the community,
through the pictures of their Care label jeans. Following the ageing process of the denim and
any customization made by the person who wear it, this is its aim.
The best pair of jeans will be the model of a free pair of new trousers.
Good luck!