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IMPORTANT NOTE: The information presented in this guide relies on the voluntary contributions
of ministries and agencies of the Afghan government, embassies, development agencies
and other organisations representing donor countries, national and international NGOs, and
other institutions. While AREU undertakes with each edition of this guide to provide the most
accurate and current information possible, details evolve and change continuously. Users
of this guide are encouraged to submit updates, additions, corrections and suggestions
© 2010 Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit. All rights reserved. No part of this publication
may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means,
electronic, recording or otherwise without prior written permission of the publisher, the Afghanistan
Research and Evaluation Unit. Permission can be obtained by emailing or by
calling +93 (0) 799 608 548.
Editor: Jay Lamey
Research and writing: Peter Wilson
Government: Anna Larson and Jay Lamey
Maps: Mohammad Karim and the team at the Afghan Geodesy and Cartography Head Office
Contacts: Sheela Rabani, Najibullah Yazdani, Shapoor Amini and the AREU publications team
Special thanks: Anja de Beer, Antonio Giustozzi, Kay Schwendinger, Richard Will, Royce Wiles,
Sayed Mohammad Shah, Sheela Rabani, Wahidullah Waissi
Tab photographs: (A to Z) Photographers, Kabul City (AINA); (Government) A health worker at a
clinic in Jawzjan Province/Mats Lignell (Save the Children); (Documents) Restoration of tile mosaic,
Herat City/Jay Lamey (AREU); (Maps) Mine clearing in Kunduz Province/Jacob Simkin (MACCA);
Schoolchildren approach a bogged AREU vehicle, Yakowlang District, Bamiyan Province/Jay Lamey
(AREU); (Index) Road construction in Badakhshan Province/Mats Lignell (Save the Children).
AREU gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance of the governments of Denmark, Finland,
Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom in publishing the ninth edition of the A to
Z Guide to Afghanistan Assistance.
About the Cover Artist: Mohammed Elyas Barikzay
AREU ran an art competition to seek a cover design for the 2011 A
to Z Guide. The winner was Mohammed Elyas Barikzay, whose work
is entitled “Working Together for a Brighter Future.” Elyas, aged 24,
graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Kabul University in 2009,
and is particularly interested in modern art, practicing methods
inspired by surrealism, realism and cubism. Successfully balancing
a career as a finance manager with Afghans for Tomorrow, Elyas
spends much of his spare time painting. He currently has his own
gallery space and takes a number of commissions per year. For more
details, contact Elyas on 077 249 5080 or