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For your own safety

Important safety information!
For your own safety, use genuine
Use unleaded gasoline only.
parts and accessories approved by
Fuels containing up to 10% etha- BMW.
nol or other oxygenates with up to 2.8% When you purchase accessories tested
oxygen by weight (i.e. 15% MTBE or
and approved by BMW and Original
3% methanol plus an equivalent
BMW Parts, you simultaneously acquire
amount of co-solvent) will not void the
the assurance that they have been thorapplicable warranties with respect to
oughly tested by BMW to ensure optidefects in materials or workmanship.
mum performance when installed on
Field experience has indicated signifiyour vehicle.
cant differences in fuel quality (volatility, BMW warrants these parts to be free
composition, additives, for example)
from defects in material and workmanamong gasolines offered for sale in the ship.
United States and Canada. The use of
BMW will not accept any liability for
poor-quality fuels may result in drivedamage resulting from installation of
ability, starting and stalling problems,
parts and accessories not approved by
especially under certain environmental BMW.
conditions, such as high ambient temBMW cannot test every product from
perature and high altitude.
other manufacturers to verify if it can be
Should you encounter driveability prob- used on a BMW safely and without risk
lems that you suspect could be related to either the vehicle, its operation, or its
to the fuel you are using, we recomoccupants.
mend that you respond by switching
Original BMW Parts, BMW Accessories
to a recognized high-quality brand.
and other products approved by BMW,
Failure to comply with these recomtogether with professional advice on
mendations may result in unscheduled using these items, are available from all
BMW centers.
Follow the relevant safety rules when
you are handling gasoline.<

Installation and operation of non-BMW
approved accessories such as alarms,
radios, amplifiers, radar detectors,
wheels, suspension components, brake
dust shields, telephones (including
operation of any portable cellular phone
from within the vehicle without using an
externally mounted antenna) or transceiver equipment (such as C.B., walkietalkie, ham radio or similar) may cause
extensive damage to the vehicle, compromise its safety, interfere with the
vehicle's electrical system or affect the
validity of the BMW Limited Warranty.
See your BMW center for additional
Do not use a key or remote control to
lock the doors or luggage compartment
with anyone inside the car. See
page 34 for more details.
"Maintenance, replacement, or repair
of the emission control devices and
systems may be performed by any
automotive repair establishment or individual using any certified automotive

For your own safety
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