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JACVapour D1ECig Manual .pdf

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Using the electronic cigarette ….............................................. 3
Charging the Batteries …........….............................................. 4
The PCC's (Personal Charging Case) .................................... 5-6
Cartomisers ............................................................................. 7
Guides & Safety Use ................................................................ 8
Warnings & Warranty .............................................................. 9

Congratulations on choosing the D-1 Electronic Cgarette from JAC Vapour.
Please read the manual carefully before using the product. The D-1 is an ‘Electronic Cigarette’ or ‘e-cigarette’. It is a personal vapourising device that uses advanced microelectronics technology to atomise a nicotine dilution, allowing the user to inhale the resulting vapour.

Using the Electronic Cigarette

The Electronic cigarette consists of 2 parts, the battery and the cartridge. Containing the nicotine mixture and the atomiser, the cartridge is known as a cartomiser.
The nicotine content and flavour of the cartomiser can be varied. Various different flavours and strengths of cartomisers can be purchased from our site at
www.jacvapour.com. After charging the battery, connect the cartomiser and battery together by screwing the cartomiser on to the battery.

The electronic cigarette is now ready to use. Inhale on the cartomiser end of the
electronic cigarette, it may take a few drags to get the cartomiser warmed up and producing a
good vapour with a new cartomiser. When you inhale on the cartomiser the red led (on the tip of
the electronic cigarette) will light to indicate the battery is switched on, this happens every time
you inhale producing a look similar to normal smoking. Vapour production will reduce as the
battery runs out of charge about 1.5-3 hours of smoking, depending how frequently it is used. The
battery led will flash quickly 3 times when attempting to drag on it to indicate it needs recharged.
Vapour production will also reduce when you come to the end of the cartomiser, when this
happens you will get a slight burnt taste and the cartomiser should be replaced.
Tip: A small drag then a longer more consistent drag produces good results a bit like
smoking a pipe, try a few methods and see what works best for you. Dragging too long on the
device will cause it to cut out, this is normal and built in as a safety feature to prevent excessive
intake of nicotine and overheating of the device.
Note: The standard batteries are designed to look similar, but not exactly like a real
cigarette, as although this may seem like a good idea at first, it quickly becomes annoying if you
are constantly being confronted by people that think you are smoking a real cigarette.

Charging the Batteries

The batteries can be charged in a variety of ways depending on which starter kit or accessories you have purchased. In all cases the battery will take about 1.5 hours
to fully charge. The battery led will flash 3 times quickly to indicate it needs recharged. When charging the battery tip will stay lit.
The Wall charger (multi-functional charger) – all starter kits. The charger comes in 2 pieces: the UK plug with a USB port, this can be used to power or charge anything thing
that has a USB plug (the PCC, some phones and some mp3 players). The other bit is the actual USB charger, this can be plugged into the USB port on the plug or a
computer (or even a PS3).
1. Using the charger with a computer

Plug the charger into the USB port on the computer, the light will go blue
Push the battery in as far as it will go, and rotate a quarter turn it will click and the battery will blink 3 times and then stay lit
After 5-10 seconds the blue light will turn red and start blinking (very briefly) blue every 2 seconds or so
The battery tip will go out when fully charged

2. Using the plug and charger

Connect the charger and plug together the red light on plug will illuminate, and the blue light on charger will light.
Push battery into charger until it clicks (the give it a quarter turn), the green light on plug will illuminate, the battery will blink 3 times and stay lit
After 5-10 seconds the blue light will turn red and start blinking (very briefly) blue every 2 seconds or so
The light will turn blue when the battery is fully charged.

Note: Some of the multi–chargers have a screw thread, if this is the case, just screw the battery into the charging slot instead of pushing it, the battery light will blink 3 times then stay lit until it is
fully charged.

The PCC's

(Personal Charging Case)

The Classic (Portable Charging Case) – Available in the Full Starter Kit or can be purchased separately.
The portable charging case allows you to charge your batteries on the move while not near a power socket. To charge the PCC unit connect the usb of the PCC to a computer
usb port (all computers have them) or a plug socket usb adapter (iPod chargers will work). On plugging in the PCC usb the led closest to the lid (led 2) will go red to indicate
the PCC is charging. When the PCC is fully charged led 2 will turn green (5 hours for a full charge). To charge a battery from the PCC, connect the battery to the PCC battery
coupling, the electronic cigarette led will flash 3 times to indicate it is being charged (the new V3 batteries will blink 3 times and then stay lit). When the battery is fully charged
the led closest to the battery (led 1) will blink very slowly on and off (with the new V3 batteries led 1 will remain lit but the ecig battery light will go out). The battery will take
about 1.5 hours to charge and can be charged up to 5 times from the PCC. This means you can use your electronic cigarette while the other battery is charging in the PCC
which is carried easily in a pocket, so that you always have a fresh battery ready to go.

The Excel (Portable Charging Case) – White plastic base with coloured smoked lid.
This can hold a full ecig and charge a battery or charge 2 batteries at the same time, plus it has carrying space for 6 cartomisers. To charge the PCC connect the usb cable
between the PCC and your computer or you can use a usb adapter plug (included with the universal charger). The PCC will take about 4 hours to charge. Once charged the
PCC will recharge 5-6 batteries on the move. To charge a battery, screw it into one of the 2 available slots, then hold the black button down (3 seconds) until the blue lights
next to the battery start flashing, then release the button. The light on the battery will flas 3 times, then the light next to the battery will turn red, indicating it is charging. The
red light will go out when the battery is fully charged. Pressing the black button once will display the remaining charge in the PCC, when the row of 4 blue lights is fully lit the
PCC is carrying a full charge. (Separate instructions included)

The Sport (Portable Charging Case) – Black rubberised back with separate battery.
Remove battery cover on the back and insert battery. Connect the PCC with the supplied USB cable and charge for about 5 hours. The PCC will give 4 full battery charges
once fully charged. Connect a battery by screwing it into the connector, then press and hold the white button (3seconds) below the display, the display will chage to show the
battery is charging and the battery tip light will flash 3 times and stay lit until charging is complete (seperate instructions included)

Tips for getting the best out of the e-cigarette
Never get the batteries wet, they will die instantly, the same goes for leaving them in dust or sand.
A couple of small drag to get the vapour production going, then one long slow consistent drag will produce the biggest amount of vapour (we call this double clutching).
If you want to smoke discreetly do the following. Hold the e-cigarette in your fist with the led covered, drag on it normally, and then immediately cover the filter end with your
thumb (this stops excess vapour escaping). Then double inhale the vapour, this produces little to no vapour, but still gives the all-important hit. Good for use in cinemas,
planes or anywhere you don’t want people asking you continual questions about it.
If you’re planning on no longer smoking normal cigarettes anymore, keep a spare battery just in case. There is nothing worse than a lost or broken battery and having to wait
for delivery of a new one.. we’re pretty quick, but not that quick.
The battery switch (the led) should come on with a light draw, if it doesn’t, a quick succession of a couple of strong draws can be enough to get it to start working correctly. If
this doesn’t work it maybe the switch is not good and we will replace it for you (within 42 days of purchase), just contact sales@jacvapour.com. Standard Batteries that are
looked after should last between 2 months plus.


Cartomisers – The V3 cartomisers are designed to be easily refilled either using our own e-liquid from our store or any other e-liquid, this greatly reduces cost. To
refill a V3 cartomiser, remove the rubber cap and drip the e-liquid into the cartomiser (hold the cartomiser at an angle so that the liquid runs down the inner wall and not into
the centre hole). The cartomisers will take 25 -30 drops from empty. If you over fill it and get e-liquid in the centre hole blow through the cartomisers (while not attached to the
battery) to clear it prior to using. The cartomisers can be used for 5+ times without loss of performance.

Do not refill the cartridges while still attached to the battery.

Guides & Safety Use

The Smoking Ban in the UK
Smoking has now been banned in all indoor public places in the UK. The JAC Vapour electronic cigarette is not prohibited by the ban and is perfectly legal to use in these places. It is however still advisable to use the
product sensibly and to check with staff or the owner of the premises that using the product is acceptable.

Care and Maintenance
The batteries in our products will need to be replaced from time to time and are designed to last for 200 charges.
Keep the product away from dusty, damp, hot or dirty environments that may cause damage. Make sure the PCC case is supported properly when charging.

Safety and regulatory guide
If you experience any side effects from using the device stop using it and consult your doctor.
Do not store the device in damp conditions, keep in a cool dry dust free environment. If the device or battery performs in an usual manner or causes any burning smells, stop using immediately.
If the device activates while not in use stop using immediately. The battery is not fully charged when you take it out the packaging.

Battery safety
Never carry the battery in your pocket with other loose metal items (e.g. keys or coin).
Never disassemble a battery, or attempt to pierce it, as the materials inside may be toxic and may damage skin and clothes.
Never attempt to short-circuit a battery. Doing so can damage the product and generate heat that can cause burns.
Disposing of a battery in fire can cause the battery to rupture. Also avoid placing batteries in water, as this may cause the battery to fail.
Never solder anything directly to a battery. This can destroy the safety features of the battery by damaging the safety vent inside the cap. Permanent connections to an energy cell may be made by spot welding solder
tags to the terminals. A soldered connection can subsequently be made to the tag.
Never insert a battery with the positive and negative poles reversed as this can cause permanent damage to the battery which may swell or rupture.
Never charge with an unspecified charger or specified charger that has been modified. This can cause breakdown of the battery or swelling and rupturing.
Never attempt to charge a battery which has been physically damaged.
Don't leave the battery in the charger once it is fully charged.
Do not use a battery in an appliance or purpose for which it was not intended. Differences in specifications can damage the battery or appliance.
Store the batteries in a cool place and when in use don't allow them to remain in environments which may be subject to overheating. (e.g. direct sunlight in a locked car)
Do not leave charging batteries unattended.

Warnings & Warranty

Warning, not for medicinal use.
Electronic cigarettes and the use of our products will not cure a smoker's addiction to nicotine. While both tobacco and electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine to the user, our
products are not intended to be used as a therapeutic alternative to, or replacement for tobacco. They are not marketed, sold or intended to be used as an aid to stopping
smoking. They have not been tested for effectiveness or suitability to cure addiction. If you want to take steps to give up smoking or cut down the quantity of cigarettes you
currently smoke, we recommend you consult your health care provider to discuss options which may include NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) or a nicotine harm
reduction programme. Please Note: We are not a pharmaceutical company and we do not produce or sell medical products.

Warning, product contains nicotine.

All our products (apart from opened cartomisers) come with a 14 day money back guarantee, should you decide you wish to return the product please contact
sales@jacvapour.com within 14 days.
We will also replace any product within 42 days at no additional cost to yourself should you experience any faults.
Your warranty is invalid if you attempt to disassemble the device.

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