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Experience the Benefits and Value
Smile Implant Center makes the dental implant process easy to understand.
During your initial visit to Smile Implant Center, you will receive:
NO CHARGE CT Scan Bone Density Analysis
NO CHARGE Full Mouth Set of Radiographs
NO CHARGE Oral Sedation
NO CHARGE Consultation
NO CHARGE Treatment Plan
Most offices charge between $750 to $1200 for all initial diagnostic procedures.
At Smile Implant Center these all are FREE. Smile Implant Center also offers free
second-opinion consultations.
During your consultation, Smile Implant Center will take a CT scan and full
mouth set of radiographs, and assess your dental condition to evaluate
your needs and potential treatment alternatives, including dental implants.
Following a review of your goals and appropriate treatment options, Smile
Implant Center will provide information about the expected costs of treatment
and explain Smile Implant Center's financing options and payment plans. In
many cases, patients can start treatment the same day as the consultation!
At Smile Implant Center, the implantologist, prosthetic dentist and dental
implant lab are all "on-site:' As a result, we are able to conveniently offer the
highest quality dental care, treating our patients in a gentle, professional and
caring manner in the shortest amount of time.

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