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The growth of Computer Education and information technology
After a trip back in time on the history of the game with computer training, we can walk in space to see
what it is, as far as we can tell the computer training in other countries, and finished third, with some
thoughts on what is expected of IT in response to the needs of the school and student needs. This is my
conclusion. In fact, too often, one wonders how "what computers can do for education?". However, HP
Pavilion DV4 Battery it should rather ask: "What are the needs of education?" And from there, "he can do
to meet those needs?".
I mention four phases: 1970, 1980, 1981, 1988. Note that in 1970 there were more than 15 years, half of
the history of computing (1948: first computer in 1952: the introduction in France), still had the notion that
computer science education,HP Pavilion DV6 Battery it is brand new !
Step One: 1970
This is the date of the OECD conference in Sèvres on "computer training in high school," the introduction
of IT in education is thus placed in an international context. Read the report about this conference, we will:
"Do computer education in high school would be to develop algorithmic students with the skills
operational agencies." This text is certainly something for the event that I already canceled: not to ask,
but "the computer at school something new algorithmic skills to bring him ..." "Is this the algorithmic skills
students need it?". At the same time I found out that his view is not by a technical and cultural: we are in
general skills students develop algorithmic operations be organized?HP Pavilion DV7 Battery And these
skills can even against those who traditionally developed in the school.
In France, the ball will build on the rebound again by the Ministry of Education project manager is a
computer Mercouroff Vladimir. It starts fairly quickly: in 1970 under the presidency of Georges Pompidou.
This is the great period of development and modernization, we do not know Sony VGP-BPL8 Battery that
we are in an economic crisis.
The discussion is "what the computer should be a new discipline, or is it that in the existing disciplines?".
Create a new discipline, it is quite simple in theory: it creates a CAPES, aggregation, a general inspection
program, inspired by research and higher education and they are taught. Do not make a new discipline,
however, allows the computer to give all disciplines, but Sony VGP-BPL9 Battery it is unclear who is
responsible, we do not really know what to do. It is therefore much more difficult.
But this second route is chosen. I think, for philosophical reasons, we do not want to train researchers in
computer science in high school and, for practical reasons, we have not even imagined, the discipline,
which he sometimes at the expense of history,Sony VGP-BPL13 Battery science, etc. modes.
We then define a plan limited but consistent. Since we introduced in all disciplines, we'll see how it goes,
and to delegate to for most of the needs of education, the task of teachers. Have a couple of basic
training for teachers, training developed by manufacturers and a year and four university centers, but
also creates a slight formation by the CNTE. Education research is supported by the teachers of a cell of
NPRI Sony VGP-BPL21 Battery data made contact.
There is also the problem of hardware, difficult problem, because we have no current hardware. Of
course, we have begun to document the conversations - they were connected to a computer console as
a "mini" because it is less massive than the previous, but much larger than today's computers - but is
relatively expensive. So we've managed to fit that 58 schools 1972-1976, it seems ridiculous now but at
the time was an important experience. In addition, we have the idea, perhaps naively, was the computer