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can be performed without a computer, because after all, "the ability of the algorithms, operational and
organizational" can be purchased through the writing of programs is absolutely necessary, without a
machine. to run in theory, because in practice, no programs, no one now so naive to believe that this
motivate Sony VGP-BPL22 Battery the students to write.
It eventually became a language suitable for different applications in education, in other words, a
language for numerical computations, but also the work on texts: We invented the LSE, which still exists,
is no worse than n others is is fairly well organized, but has the disadvantage that it limits Sony
VGP-BPS8 Battery to education.
Sun from 1970 to 1976 a plan is fully compatible with a certain naivety, including a strong
underestimation of the difficulties in the production of software, the computer also has a general
underestimation of time: we n have "not yet understood how difficult it is not burning software but
software that can be collected and used by others Sony VGP-BPS9 Battery.
Since 1976, the difficulties begin to appear: the difficulty to generalize, given the cost of equipment,
difficult to assess, as in schools, things are very different here, computer club, the CAI etc. However, as
always, I think, educational innovations, is the illusion that must be precisely evaluated before
generalizing. However, the evaluation of what? What this means in an area as vast as the skills, "the
organizers of algorithms, operational," because you can not put students under a cover that one team
and these skills can be s' expect that there are other disciplines, other means to develop Sony
VGP-BPS9A Battery them?
Not particularly some of the lessons learned from the original design, "is there to provide general
capabilities," a tendency to EAO, in other words, a tool for teaching various disciplines. I do not take the
word "change" in a pejorative sense, but even then, the EAO is not very good. I'm not saying otherwise
has become, despite significant improvements have taken place. Maybe if it was not enough thinking
about cross-fertilization between computer science on the one hand, and other disciplines. We are too
quick to translate what was being done on a machine in the classroom. It is a very general through
technology Information: whatever the area where it applies, begins with the attempt to make the team as
we did before hand - what happened, for example, management information. Only later we realize that in
carrying out this transposition, we impoverish and practices which is particularly true for Sony
VGP-BPS9/S Batteryeducation.
These difficulties in 1976 led to a shelving system of this experience, we stop training for a specific year.
Perhaps we should also say that it is reduced at this time of distrust comparisons of educational research,
and secondly, the economic crisis Sony VGP-BPS10 Battery began budgets.
Second phase: 1980
Referring to the situation in the country and the world is the time of the first attempts to overcome the
crisis and examine the possible role of information technology, not only in class, but the economy and
society in general. IT is one of the factors that caused this crisis, because on the one hand the number of
jobs because of all the automatic features reduced, but also because it transforms them and the work of
monitoring the performance work,Sony Laptop Battery maintenance, design.
Along with this crisis and the economic and social change occurs in computer technology, the evolution
of the material with the arrival of the microcomputer to say, operate a computer much less cumbersome,
easier, cheaper and has no need for air conditioning, so we have a lot more accessible to the public HP
Laptop Battery.
Coupled with this, the report says "information society" NORA MINC - by President Giscard d'Estaing in
1978, he asked, and the report of JC Simon, "Education and information technology in business" in 1980.