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These reports have socio-economic, cultural, unlike the Sèvres Conference: It's very important for the
company, so you have to train the computer to make people the incentive to discipline a computer . The
report recommends that a single computer SIMON-discipline: that is, take your foot against the choice
that was made in 1970. It was Dell Laptop Battery then that a dispute between "computer-discipline" and
was "computer teaching tools."
Note that if the relationship (1980) Simon insists on "computer discipline" process "10 000 computers"
(1979) the first priority, the EAO! The conditions for the implementation of the action taken by the Ministry
of Industry and especially the small percentage set aside for teacher training in relation to resources for
equipment, which were abandoned at the time caused some discontent. Thus, universities have been the
beginning of 1981 for training teachers, who in turn train their colleagues in institutions equipped, opened
four times in three days. We still live largely the idea that the level of information for all Dell Latitude
E6400 Battery.
Step Three: June 1981
The Minister Alain Savary blocks the transaction and the requirement of a report to Yves Le Corre and
me. The report emphasizes the training of teachers. In 1981, thereby restoring a learning year, and
gradually expanded into the middle of the Academy. Organize academic groups of trainers who still exist
today. We also have a year of training for trainers and software developers should take a light side and a
training of 100 hours for the user through the animation, but n is not proven. We have also emphasized
that the projects come from institutions. It was not wanted on the computer, which means that schools
know what they need from their computers means a parachute. So, after these decisions, Dell Inspiron
1545 Battery training should be diversified, for example, 100 hours, 50 hours and 50 hours more
We also attempted to defuse the famous argument: "What is a discipline of computer science or a
teaching tool is?" He said: "This must be one and the others must be mutually supportive." The side of a
computer-discipline, we have a way to a second computer classes, and the first terminal, which is
controlled by a National Science Committee. It is also advisable to introduce computers at all levels of
secondary schools in the LEP, which have not been reached, in particular, until we more cautious about
the introduction of Dell Studio 1535 Battery information technology in primary schools.
Our recommendations for the production of software has been implemented only partially. This decision
was based on the ideas of teachers and to develop a body of industrialization: the CNDP has played this
role, however imperfectly. Also were not followed, when we stressed the need to develop Dell Studio 17
Battery educational research.
The spirit of the report is a gradual process and reflect the collaborative spirit that prevailed in the Ministry
of Education in 1981 and during the few years that followed. This idea of progressive and reciprocal
comparison, but a number of people protesting, "the school is delayed, there is enough information."
Meanwhile, falling prices continues, the development of information technology at home has been
explosive, provided the computer, the nano-computersDell Studio 1555 Battery or PCs. In 1983, the
ministry announced plans to introduce 100,000 computers in the size and shape 100 000 between 1983
and 1988.
Step Four: 1985
In 1985 he confirmed the information for the computer to do the location and mass training of teachers,
but with the decision, at once and everywhere. Perhaps more naive to believe that the most important
thing we can be sent equipment and short courses for teachers, the only products, although the facts HP
HSTNN-Q35C Battery would have been paid.