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development of equipment and teacher training. The only comparable country is Great Britain.
In Great Britain, decentralized, the decision to include institutions, government support and equipment
where the equipment is broken only at national level, there is a definition of training opportunities for
teachers and the relatively important role in production of teaching materials. On this last point that
Britain is ahead of us exercises in 2000 in Europe, in England in 1200 and 700 were developed in France.
We focus perhaps too much on the years of "Q", "communication skills", while the British of tools such as
simulations, HP HSTNN-OB75 Battery exploring a variety specialist.
Other European countries, who thought well in Germany and Switzerland, which represents less than in
France. The Netherlands also spend some interesting things.
But almost all governments now think about the contribution of information technology, would be the most
spectacular, mainly because they are facing economic problems. And "perhaps some" weak. It is useful
to summarize the various aspects of computer science at the school and the results of computer
interaction and HP HSTNN-DB75 Battery education.
III - The various aspects of the introduction of computers in education
First calculation of vocational training
There is a big part of today's debate: it was fast. I limit myself to two observations.
The first flow settings, the computer is, as elsewhere, the rapid increase. Fold-and H, for example, has
less meaning than the immediate recruitment of businesses. Even with technicians (BTS or DUT), began
to be a saturation of the market. It will likely take the train more professionals in HP GA06047 Battery Bac
Bac +4 or +5.
The second: the computer is part of the competence of most jobs, if 'answering machine or production
costs. There is no doubt that all exchanges are now more or less one-dimensional data.
2 What role can information technology in education?
It is often said, "We all need to know the computer because the computer is everywhere." I must say that
this speech, not a modernist, slightly triumphalist "be completely unassailable. After all, the automobile
and printing are everywhere, yet in general education, not learning to drive, or printed HP KS525AA#ABA
Battery books.
But it is a bit "more to the computer that the agent of thought and action. It's very important that everyone
has an idea on "how to use" computers. But this does not happen by itself and the example word
processing clearly indicates that it is not with this type of software is very difficult, but he needs their way
of thinking about the text of a nonlinear , to refine their plans, both a change or two levels, but n-tier ...
"Learning" that the efficiency requires that teach our young people, and when I say in a situation where
they want to know how and see and learn the tricks for future generationsHP HSTNN-Q34C Battery they
So everyone should learn "computer users" and that we need to invent much. In these words, I know I
can not teach teachers to teach what you do not do things by halves, and especially to offend. But such
software, you need to learn them without knowing exactly how they are made HP HSTNN-IB74 Battery to
be used.
Take the example of data analysis: its use in history or economics, especially the Academy, shows that
students learn, such as software, without commitment, show the back, answer! It seems to me that this
type of learning a bit Systems, a small "black box" is of paramount importance. We need these things
without teaching them to analyze in depth, and it is this idea that technology brings more than science:
learning to use tools to analyze HP GA08073 Battery, without details.
This is an objection not refuse to hand. Could not a requirement, the student goes too far in that direction,