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reflecting the state of the machine? It depends on the type of software used. Do not use the student
machine but the machine is included in the development of the student: it is a means of SONY
VGP-BPL9C Battery training.
3 What are the needs? Computers can help you do it?
The needs are for the most part born of the computer and all the "mint", as it requires to cut jobs or work
in progress to replace the work of another kind (surveillance, maintenance, design ...) , other qualities:
concrete abstract change, teamwork, responsibility and autonomy. All these qualities are not necessarily
those we give to the school, SONY VGP-BPS9B Battery in most cases.
The big challenge - the training process and increase the level - refers to a profound social problem: our
society can withstand the rise in unemployment, life, the fact that thousands of people would not have
steady work throughout the working life? If we do not tackle school failure at the beginning, I do not think
many of our society: it is the primary need of our SONY VGP-BPS9/B Battery instruction!
What are the ingredients of failure? Of course, it is often said, "social". Yes, but the ingredients of
cognitive errors can observe three things:
Delay in the development of manipulative skills in written language;
a lack of autonomy and ability to solve problems;
Closely linked to the previous lack of motivation.
3.1. Computers and motivation
Here I can be formal: See all the experiences that are the introduction of information technology in
schools is a huge change in student motivation and failures of students of modest means - often the
same thing elsewhere! - There are three reasons for this;
the computer to be modern is useful in itself;
It is a task that can be controlled, and students who can not, when the opportunity to have something or
Finally, with the computer and, above all, the fault changes its character: There is a moral failing of the
term - the very term "disorder" is significant - but an error is discovered and you can easily correct it
leaves no material trace.
The problem is to keep the motivation up. This interest is fully connected to the activity and
independence of the student, so the type of exercise. If you tutorials, just type the words in holes, it is
likely that the motivation to disappear quickly.
Another problem is that motivation to transfer to other disciplines? And "closely related to joint activities
that will be run by students related. Do not be shy at first, carry out activities that do not like school,
games, for example, that students may have to take this strong motivation, the machine in hand. And we
play to develop specific skills, and gradually, if possible, be taught to students in exercises related
disciplines. This is a good way to do this: Insert the disc games and educational programs, students have
been displayed in the menu to do all that is in many cases, you can find SONY VGP-BPS9A/B
Battery the curiosity to go.
3.2 Data processing and written language
Start looking for: students under control, often have difficulty in relation to written language, oral language,
is generally not very different from the knowledge of students succeed. Why? What is the difference
between written and spoken?
Writing is something that is outside of the writer and the action ever since. One of the things that are
missing for students in chess is the feeling that focus on the text and it will be interesting to see that the
text is not something you write and what they do not touch, but also something that looks and distance