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from the action. What is often missing in the failure of the pupil is the distance to language: it uses
language to communicate to act wisely. In fact, to be by traditional means, the results of any action
removes the text and start over, this is not motivating SONY VAIO VGN-SZ95S.
It seems to me that the computer can bring a lot. It is a tool, including word processing, which converts a
text that do not pursue this. You can move a paragraph, correct spelling mistakes without a copy.
Traditionally, the only tool we can to our students, the design of the book: they can not even fix only
twenty! How to build a text from a plan can be refined if we do a level, but the plan, which refines and
refines, is it possible, with the usual means, then it is much more possible with the tools for word
processing. This is all to do more, with tools that do little that could search tools and organization of ideas,
to work the way you want your students to work, which is top-down and refine their SONY VAIO
VGN-SZ95NS ideas.
3.3 The data processing and reading
The problem of reading materialized, first at kindergarten and primary school. We know that even here
there is a delay of a social nature: all families have the same familiarity with Scripture. We have not in all
families, as many books as we do not read the children, we do not show them how many words. But
before learning to read, it is clear that we already know something about the reading activity. You do not
learn to read if you are not the idea that we read from left to right (in our country, at least ...), there are
words, they are separated by spaces. .. All things that seem obvious and are not for children who are not
familiar with writing SONY VAIO VGN-SZ95US.
The computer can do something to this reading activity is to add text, that is, combining the sound and
combine it with writing? I think so. Motivate invent solutions. As they stood on a computer screen a list of
four words, and if the child has any of these words or drawing relevant computer to play music, or any
other action related words. Four words, this is nothing more than four orders, you will see the motivation













VGN-SZ94US action.
If the sound that I think in a few years, we have computers in classrooms will make the speech of
acceptable quality, and we can use the sound aspect of the room.
Write from left to right: if the student gives his command on the keyboard, then it will fit on the screen from
left to right. If the order consists of two words, he will see that we found a room: say operations. And
when I said that we learn by doing, I hope I have shown that there are many ideas which allow the
reading of an action you will not be so easy with the usual methods of SONY VAIO VGN-SZ94S learning.
3.4. Computer-assisted learning and reasoning
It is much more difficult. In particular, it says a lot that "it is the programming of the argument." Currently,
no serious study has been conducted, and the reason is probably that capacity building does not make
sense in a few tens of hours. However, experiments are performed on a very short time and then it is very
difficult to prove anything. There is some plausibility to the contribution of IT to the development of
thought, but I will not go beyond SONY VAIO VGN-SZ94PS.
In some cases, it is not a danger to even want to skip steps too fast? There is interest, write, such as the
reduction of programming to observe the existing program, simple and complex programs. The official
instructions of 1985 were a little scary - programs on average, for example - they have the potential to
further the gap between students with an appropriate logic capabilities and those that do not have to. So I
recommend some caution. Even the logo - - before you would be very fast, in elementary school,
kindergarten, I like to consider what capabilities it is in children.
3.5. Computer. Autonomy, problem solving