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The computer is in agreement with a student activity, and learns that by the activity. However, the quality
of training material and how it is integrated into the education system is of utmost importance SONY
Take the example of the first exercises in the behaviorist tradition: it was about reflexes (stimulus response) to develop, by the arrangement that the answer is almost always right, because the theory is
not actually increase reflex. These tutorials are not always useless, but not to the idea of structured
learning that meet building through activeSONY VAIO VGN-SZ85US exploration of students.
Instead, use the exploration of the software. what some call "micro-worlds." For example, in mathematics,
you got to university, must learn to transform expressions, factoring, developments, etc.. It is both a
nature somewhat reflective, but also exploratory. What is the normal way to learn at school? Is to analyze
in detail all that - we teach the commutative, associative, and so on. - What is it permissible to justify
more complex transformations. So we have to solve equations, for example, and then learn, in
desperation, it means the end of the year "They make a number of members in a different and changing
signs" that tell you the recipe SONY VAIO VGN-SZ85S.
I think the other way should be considered: the computer can help you through different levels of change,
much less complete, more analysis to justify the transformation of higher level previously used. So where
a computer could completely renew its pedagogy.
IV - Conclusion
Finally, the computer does most of the need to reflect on pedagogy and the possibility of teaching much
more diverse. No wonder: When we introduced the numerical calculation by computer, he questioned the
methods of calculation when it was introduced in companies, this has led to management practices and
work organization to check SONY VAIO VGN-SZ85NS.
As long as there are tutorials on how to implement the role of the teacher, we gain nothing. A computer is
much less intelligent than a professor, it is often said that in the brain, there are 10 power 10 power 14 or
15 bits, then a very large hard drive, there are 10 billion euros. Basically, a professor of brain 100,000
times more powerful than a computer. And that's not all! Do you think the student does not understand,
it's really not in the field of smart SONY VAIO VGN-SZ84US sensors.
We are winners, however, when we invent new ways of teaching situations. The student is now possible
in two situations: either it is in a class with 30 friends, and many can not speak or act, or he is alone with
his card, and it receives no response! Trying to invent intermediate situations: for a student or a small
group of students. The attempt to build software to help in this situation. Then the computer SONY VAIO
VGN-SZ84S has its full effect.
This is not necessarily easy to measure: either we determined the "derived cherry" or things evaluate
many factors to rule out any scientific assessment. What should I do? Many experiences that attract a
fairly plausible. you do things, the exchange SONY VAIO VGN-SZ84PS is really, as we move forward.