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In Xerospace players take the roles of
Gators: Navigators who control their
ships' movements through space with
the power of their minds. A Gator's journey through Xerospace can produce
unpredictable mutations: augmentations
to the mind of the navigator that manifest themselves as psionic powers.

As players play Xerospace, both the
skills necessary to survive in a universe
of the future and the mutations that
make each Gator unique will improve,
increase and evolve.

Traits and Skills
Characters are defined through numbers that reflect levels of expertise and natural ability. Traits reflect a character's natural ability. How big, fast or smart am I? Skills reflect a
character's training and development. What can I do with my computer? Can I hit that
target from here? How much can I lift?



Dexterity measures hand/eye coordination. It will tell you how accurately you
fire a gun or how gracefully you might
land a plane.

This measures how adept you are with
tools or technology.

This trait is a measure of mental stability
and determines how well your character
controls mutations.

If your character needs to jump over a
pit, walk a tight rope, or swing from a
chandelier, Movement helps in measuring their success. It will also determine
how fast you can get where you're going
and your skill in hand to hand combat.

This is literally how big you are. A large
character will be naturally stronger and
more resistant to injury.

Use Perception to notice something that
everyone else has over looked or to remember an important clue.