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Section 1-The Triple Eight of a 24 hour day of the Lord

In the 2010th year of the 10th month on the 17th day during the term of the ruler of my Land,
President Obama I was taken into Heaven through visions and Dreams. I looked down on the
Earth from the vestige of Eternity and saw what I knew I saw and what I knew I would find. The
Earth was a Wheel Spinning on the Axis of all that was seen riding on a wheel of Time that was
but a Dream. The Dreams so real yet very surreal know the lies of the night we saw were a night
that was true and a place we feel.
There was a corridor upon a corridor where the wheels of Hyperspace were kept. Where they
were kept no one knew and the beasts cried out upon the darkness of the day that was soon to
become a Paradise Eternal Night. The beasts Sang:
Elohim, Elohim, how great is the Night we have Seen.
Adonai, Adonai, how must we seek Tenfold to Try.
Iesous, Iesous, peals of Lightning Fly upon the Zen Zeus.
The Father, Son, and Spirit walk as One within the Wheels.
I saw the cruci-Fiction of The Earth and like Christ it was carried out by mankind.
And I heard the beasts say:
Eight hours equals 1000 years.
Three Eights to Assuage our fears.
The Cycle reverses in Eternity.
The Past is the Future we all will see.
The Dream of Death is that it is in fact Night.
2000 years of darkness and 1000 of Light.