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Ordinary things … average skills that your
character does just as well as the next guy,
have no place on a Five by Five character sheet.
Everything average and ordinary is given a
default value of 0 (untrained) and doesn't need
to be further defined. It's only the exceptional
and important things that we care about here.

Task Resolution
Task resolution is done by rolling dice and
comparing the result to the value of a
descriptor that is most relevant to the task.
Roll 2 six sided dice. Multiply the two dice
together. Example: a roll of [2] and [5] on two
dice will produce a result of 10.

In addition to the five descriptors that they
choose for their characters, every character is
assigned one additional descriptor: “Hit Points”

If this result is equal to or less than the value of
the descriptor related to the task, the task is
completed successfully.

HP is the amount of damage or life loss that a
character can suffer before being in danger of

Six is Trump!

The Descriptor that you decide is most
important for your character has a value of 6.

6's (sixes) are trump! They override the value of
your roll and always indicate success! As you
roll 2 dice to attempt an action, if either one of
the dice rolled show a [6], don't bother to
multiply the dice together. The result of the
roll is trumped by the [6] and the action being
attempted is automatically successful.

The next two Descriptors have a value of 4.


The next two Descriptors have a value of 2.

Larry is rolling to impress his date with his
cooking. He rolls against his “Amateur Chef”
descriptor which has a value of 4. Rolling he
gets a [2] and [6] which when multiplied
together equals 12.

3) Arrange your six Descriptors (including HP)
from the most important to the least
important for your character.

Your final Descriptor has a value of –5.
For your HP, add 10 to the value listed above.
(Setting HP as your least important descriptor
will give you only 5 HP and produce a very
fragile character.)

12 is higher than Larry's descriptor value of 4
which would normally indicate a failed action
check, however, because one of the two dice
rolled shows a [6] the result of the roll is
trumped. This means that the result of the roll
is ignored and the action automatically

Completing Character Creation
Following the steps above you can create any
character for any adventure game setting in

The 5x5 Roll

All that remains is to give your new character a
name, and outfit them with some starting
equipment and you are ready for adventure!

Hereafter task rolls are referred to as 5x5 (Fiveby-five) rolls because the highest value that
you can roll (discounting “trumps”) is 5x5.