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1 yangdo (KOR)
2 yard
1) A measure of length, equaling three feet, or 36 inches. 2) An enclosure; usually, a small enclosed
place in front of, or around, a house or barn; as, a courtyard; a front or back yard; a barnyard. 3) An
enclosure within which any work or business is carried on; as, a dockyard; a shipyard.
3 yield
The return on an investment compared to the total cost of investment over a given period of time; eg., if
an investment of $1,000 gives returns of $100 in one year, the yield on the investment is 10%.
4 YK (yugen kaisha) (JPN)
Japanese form of a limited liability company under business law.
5 yosekiritsu (JPN)
Floor area ratio.
6 yotochiiki (JPN)
Zoning. Zoning regulations restrict the building types, purpose, size in each district. There are 12
districts: Type I & II low-rise residential; Type I & II mid-high-rise residential; Type I & II residential; quasi
residential; neighborhood commercial; commercial; quasi industrial; industrial; and industrial exclusive
1 zone
Geographic location with designated boundaries such as a district. May also refer to a specific land use
within a designated boundary or area as part of the master plan for a large scale development such as a
township. Eg. residential zone, industrial zone or commercial zone etc.