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First Presbyterian Church + Oxford, Mississippi

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July, 2011

On May 28 through June 3, eleven members of our congregation traveled to southern Arizona and
northern Mexico to participate in a BorderLinks educational delegation. We spent two and a half days
south of the border in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico visiting people in homes, factories, churches and
community centers. In Mexico we stayed at El Hogar de Esperanza y Paz (the Home of Hope and
Peace), a community center that provides a nutritious lunch for children from the most impoverished
families in the neighborhood, offers adult education classes, operates a women’s artisan cooperative,
and organizes educational vacation camps for children. We had fun playing with the children. While
in Arizona, we visited Southside Presbyterian Church, spoke with a young man who had been
detained for six months, visited Immigration Customs Enforcement (I.C.E) officers, volunteered with
Humane Borders and watched seventy five migrants sentenced in federal court.
Our group, pictured here, stands in
front of Sol de Justicia Presbyterian
Church in Nogales. At the far left
is Scott Nicholson, our BorderLinks
tour leader, standing next to Dr.
Jorge Pazos Aragón, the Pastor of
Sol de Justicia. Please note the rest
of the participants from Oxford and
ask one of them in the next few
weeks to tell you a story about the