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D ormwatch
Issue 1 2011-2012


Alumni organize DCF-AA
What’s Inside?
•DCF joins DM
•Jericho Walk
•Team Building
•Freshie Treat
•CCM Grows
•Evan Week

After more than two decades, the
Dormitories Christian Fellowship (UPDCF) will soon have an SEC-registered
Alumni Association to partner with the
dorms ministry in the University of the
Philippines Diliman.
The said association is a product of
discussions among alumni from different
batches, culminating in the formal election of the first set of officers on May 28.
In its Articles of Incorporation, the
UPDCF-AA aims to “provide spiritual
support to DCF and its members” as well
as “material support for Christian workers” serving in the ministry.
Among the alumni, it seeks to
“promote fellowship” through regular
faith gatherings and activities. At the
same time, it spearheads the expansion
of the ministry “to other UP campuses
and beyond.”

The UPDCF-AA is currently headed
by Rex Recio, a former member of the
Narra Christian Fellowship. Also in the
roster of officers are Luther Caranguian,
Jed Velarde, Arvin Alfonso, Joan Ocampo,
Marrick Neri and Michelle Bastasa.
A timeline was set to meet all SEC
requirements before the end of the first
semester of UP Academic Year 20112012. As such, paperwork for the registration is underway, inching closer to
the final SEC submission and approval
of the association.
In the past, similar efforts to unite
DCF alumni under one association failed
because of weak communication and coordination. To resolve this issue, the UPDCF-AA is currently updating its alumni
database while connecting to older members who are already outside the country.

Issue 1 2011-2012

Dormwatch Newsletter

Page 2

DCF fellowships in DM
By Frederick Paulo Tomacder
After almost a decade, the Discovery
Meetings (DM) continues to challenge
intellectual convictions and religious
worldviews of students and faculty
while defending the reasonableness of
the Christian faith in the University of
the Philippines Diliman.
This year’s DM is attended mostly
by student dormers after the Dormitories’ Christian Fellowship (UP DCF)
moved its first few meetings in the gathering. The decision came after recognizing the need to focus more on evangelism this semester.
Leaders of DCF mobilized the fellowship to invite fellow dormers and
build relationships with them in preparation for the individual dorm gatherings in mid-August.
“The decision to join DM did not
come from the Exec but depended on
the individual dorm fellowships. It was
ideally for the smaller fellowships to
gather new contacts who can later be invited in the dorm meetings,” said Diana
Andino, DCF’s incumbent chairperson
Though DM is mainly an apologetic
ministry of the Diliman Campus Bible Church (DCBC), the issues covered
serve as openings for the Gospel message. Seven thought-provoking topics
were lined up, including the reliability of the Bible, the person, works, life,
death and resurrection of Jesus, science
and faith, the problem of evil and the exclusivity of the Christian claim.
Currently on its fourth week, the
DM is now more than half-way through
and several new people have attended
the meetings. Most notable are the freshmen from the Kalayaan, Centennial, Kamia and Yakal dormitories.

Issue 1 2011-2012

Dormwatch Newsletter

Page 3

UPCC to hold
first ever joint
By Kazel Duran

“It’s life-changing for the new attendees,” Patrick Bardon from the Centennial dorm commented on the meetings.
Gersheena Florendo, another freshman from Kalayaan, said of the discussion on the reliability of the Bible, “[DM]
promotes looking at the Bible firstly as
the Word of God but also proves that it
is a document with scientific and historical bases.”
“The topics are interesting. It’s also
interactive and I’m happy that everyone
has the chance to express their views
and even raise questions,” added Jeanette Purcia, also a freshman from Kalayaan.
Conceived in 2002, DM is the localized version of what was originally
the Alpha Course from the United
Kingdom. Ramon Rocha III, an elder
of DCBC, was among the organizers of
the first ever DM. He said the meetings,
as we know them today, developed
through the years to suit the needs of
the university.
“It started with Pastor Minho So introducing the Alpha Course to DCBC.
We launched it; used it for two years…
then started to contextualize it. But Alpha UK said we couldn’t use the name

Solidifying its unity to reach out to the
whole campus, member organizations of
the UP Christian Community (UPCC) have
agreed to organize a joint educational event
discussing the controversial issues of Creation Science and Intelligent Design.
The UPCC core, comprised of the representatives of its member organizations,
met on July 11 to plan the university-wide
event that will be part of this semester’s Alternative Classroom Learning Experience
The core divided and assigned the tasks
to the different Christian organizations. They
mapped out the deadlines of the requirements to break down and delegate all the
responsibilities involved. The core agreed
on the duties and mission of each Christian
The Navigators agreed to finish all the
requirements while LifeBox will handle the
online event registration. Jzone, on the other
hand, will craft and manage the program
while the State Varsity Christian Fellowship (SVCF) will produce all the publication
materials needed. DCF will take care of the
venue and the tracts, while the UP Christian

Source: crestock.com I James Thew

Source: Viceland.com

Youth Movement (UPCYM) will account
for the food. KKB will handle logistics and
registration and the Campus Crusade for
Christ (CCC) will provide the event’s speaker. Although the Students of Destiny (SOD)
will conduct their own separate ACLE, they
still agreed to participate in the joint UPCC
ACLE by agreeing to lead the games portion
of the program.
The ACLE is supervised by the University Student Council and organized by
different UP organizations. It is half day
session held once a semester from 1 p.m. to
4 p.m. It aims to promote creative ways of
teaching and instructing students.
What UPCC seeks to answer
In its ACLE, the body of the Christian
Community will tackle the development of
our environment together with the things
which live in it. The UPCC ACLE will dive
into the highly contested topics of Creation
Science and Intelligent Design.
Intelligent Design narrates about an Intelligent Designer who constructed the unattainable harmonious systems in nature. The
topic also gives a multi-perspective view
on the history of creation science and seeks
to challenge the evolutionary bias in our
educational system. It presents a scientific
model inclusive of the existence of a Creator as the reason for the scientific laws and
phenomena in nature. This will provide an

Issue 1 2011-2012

Dormwatch Newsletter

Page 4

Kung Fud Pakain 2: The Epic
Spiritual Feeding

By Hazel Shine Santos
We shouted. We tried really hard to
invite people in front of the Kalayaan
“Kalai” dorm just minutes before the
“Kung Fud Pakain 2.” We became desperate. We thought fewer people would
come to this year’s freshie treat because
of last minute changes. The Kalai Acquaintance Party was moved on the
same day of the original Pakain date.
But the Lord once again proved His
sovereignty over these things, for He
brought 161 freshmen students during
the event.
My heart can’t contain the joy that
I felt for these young people, seeing
a number of them listening to Pastor
Mark’s message and participating in
some little activities that he led despite
the noise and distractions from others.
I was saddened by the fact that many of
them were victims of physical and emotional abuse, products of broken homes,
and suicidal at one point. I learned all
these things during Pastor Mark’s standup-if- you-are-this-person activity. I saw

this one guy at the corner who had been
participating for a while in this activity. I don’t know if I was supposed to be
happy with his active participation because many of those not so good things
were true to him. He suddenly cried. I
then held back my tears because I was
facilitating and taking to all of my group
I thought for a while, “Nakakahiya naman kung iiyak ako kasi group
leader ako at hindi naman namin siya
kagrupo.” I was thinking, “How would
the life of this guy be if he, one day, accepts Jesus Christ as his personal Lord
and Savior?” Another guy who attended that same event told me, “Akala ko
ate pakain lang talaga ‘yun para sa mga
freshies, pero more than pa pala yun
kasi fineed din kami spiritually.”
I am still amazed and will forever
be on how the Lord is using people, experiences and events to reveal Himself
to His people and show His great love
and compassion for the lost souls.

Issue 1 2011-2012

Dormwatch Newsletter

Page 5

“That we may be one...”
By Elaine Battung
“Now you are the body of Christ,
and each one of you is a part of it... and
though all its parts are many, they form
one body.” These words penned by the
Apostle Paul for the Corinthians were
borrowed by Kuya Mark Gicain during
DCF’S Teambuilding General Assembly
on July 18.
Before Kuya Mark asked us to complete a puzzle on 1 Corinthians 12: 12-31,
he reminded us to listen. He said genuine listening takes effort and sincerity.
“Overfamiliarity has no place in a relationship,” he added.
In a fellowship where most members
know one another for at least a year, this
reminder is very timely. I have realized
that having conversations with my coDCFers does not necessarily translate
to listening. I also readily admit that
my relationship with some people in
the fellowship easily fit the definition of
“overfamiliarity.” It was enlightening to
see that this was not actually healthy for
God’s Word also spoke to us. Rebukes, reminders, examples and encouragements were found in these verses.

DCF Execom “GA/Team Building” planning at CRL
Truly, one must be convinced of his worth
in order to function well in a team. At the
same time, he must not unduly give himself too much worth but acknowledge his
need of his teammates. The Holy Spirit
living in each of us is enough reason for
us to be united.
This year’s TBA deviated from the
usual overnight program which allowed
less time for activities and bonding. Nevertheless, in four short hours, we were reminded of the need for unity in diversity.
God also used the TBA to let us see
our limitations in mentoring, discipleship and accountability. The passage,
Kuya Mark’s words and his games were
all instrumental in our learning that
night. I believe this will continue as we
put Paul’s teachings into practice.
The TBA was not really an occasion
for laughter and recreation, it was a time
for lessons and reflections. It may have
been time-bound, but the insights God
gave us through the event are priceless.
The TBA was just a catalyst. The real
teambuilding will, I pray, happen within
the next months and years when these insights find their application in our lives.

Issue 1 2011-2012

Dormwatch Newsletter

Page 6

Imitating the Israelites’ trail:
DCF sets off for 1st Jericho Walk
By Diana Andino

Our first day of classes could not have
been any better.
Inspired by God’s faithfulness to the
Israelites’ prayer march around the walls
of Jericho, we walked around the campus
to pray for the dorms and the dorm fellowships.
For us DCFers, June 14, 2011 did not
only kick off of our first day of classes this
semester, it also officially started our ministry to our respective dormitories.
Before the Jericho Walk started, we
met at the Main Library steps to gather
and greet one another. Some were glad to
see each other for the first time since the
long summer break. On the other hand,
others shared amusing anecdotes about
what happened during their vacation,
updates about their enrollment, and short
stories about their new professors and
classmates. Indeed, the gathering that allowed us to meet once again and have fellowship encouraged most, if not all of us.
Ate Gay led a very encouraging devotional that illustrated the parable of the
persistent widow which came from the
book of Luke. The passage reminded us
that whenever we pray, we must believe

that our Father listens to our prayers. His
answers to our requests may not always
be a “yes,” but we can always be assured
that “God brings about justice for His
chosen ones, who cry out to Him day and
This year is indeed challenging for all
of us. The recent change in the dorm application process has affected our plans
and designated leaders for this school
year. Some DCFers who were chosen to
lead the dorms they occupied the previous year were admitted to other dormitories. Sadly, some were not even given a
We had to change some of our plans
in order to adapt to these challenges. But
no matter how discouraging the situation
was, we were always reminded of how
the Lord has moved in the past. The God
we worship is so wise and so faithful, and
He never changes. We have experienced
His grace during the past years, and we
are always thankful for His goodness to
DCF. We may not be able to understand
all of His plans for this year, but we thank
Him for this privilege to trust Him and be
guided by Him in our every step.

Issue 1 2011-2012

Dormwatch Newsletter

New fellowship
buds in
Centennial Dorm
By Frederick Paulo Tomacder

Page 7

DCF Execom and
Core Heads 11-12
Diana Andino
Kit Aarabit

Jim and Kazel are part of the CCM core

The plan to set up a regular fellowship
in the Centennial Dormitory is underway
with the Discovery Meetings (DM) serving
as a springboard to invite people in future
gatherings inside the dorm.
Named the Centennial Christian Movement (CCM), the budding fellowship ministers to the eighth residence hall under
the Dormitories Christian Fellowship (UP
Initially manned by only three DCFers,
the Lord has graciously built bridges of relationship with four new residents whom they
met through a series of Faith Surveys on the
third and fourth week of June.
The survey aimed to map out the religious demographics of the dorm to find the
believers and seekers who could then be invited in the DM and future fellowships.
CCM aims to start a series of evangelistic fellowships throughout the year starting on mid-August after the DM. This will
serve as a continuing avenue for spreading
the Gospel to residents of the Centennial
“We are asking for your prayers that
God may continue to grant us the ability
and strength to reach out to all dormers, and
that the dormers may have an open heart and
mind as we try to build a Christian fellowship for God’s glory,” said JD Laserna, one
of the first members of CCM.

Marvee Exconde
Mark Manalang
Nicole Banares
Kazel Duran
Rachel Malaluan
Marko Monsalud
Yen Perez
Jayvee Camiling
Shine Santos
Jimyl Arabit
Elaine Battung
Charmaine Manalang

Issue 1 2011-2012

Dormwatch Newsletter

Page 8

Issue 1 2011-2012

Dormwatch Newsletter

DCF Evan Week: Gospel Goes to Molave

UPCC ACLE. . . (from page 3)

By Mark Manalang

opportunity for students to learn and consider these scientific approaches in the study
of historical science.

And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to
the ends of the earth.
This famous passage from Acts 1
vindicated the efforts of several DCFers
who boldly shared the gospel at the Molave
Residence Hall entrance from July 19 to
July 22.
In the week-long event, DCFers used
their vacant periods for the furtherance of
God’s kingdom as they invaded one of the
university’s co-ed dormitories.
On July 21, the evan group composed
of Yen, Kazel, Diana, Chloe, Mark and
Marvee stood in front of the Molave dorm
entrance and witnessed to various residents.
They wore warm smiles, spoke
friendly greetings, gave evangelistic tracts,
and if the opportunity allowed them, shared
the good news of salvation.
Among others, Diana was able share
the gospel to a fourth year business administration student.
Kazel, Chloe and Mark gave away
over 70 flyers of the “Discovery Meetings,”

an apologetic ministry seeking to answer
some of the most difficult and controversial
questions about Christianity.
These witnesses met prior to the
four-day evangelistic event to confirm
the vacant hours of one another. Marvee
Exconde, DCF Vice-chair for missions and
evangelism, organized the entire event and
coordinated the common vacant periods of
every DCFer.
The event was in accordance to DCF’s
vision of becoming more active in evangelism and stronger in discipleship.
The Molave Residence Hall is one of
the oldest dorms in the university and home
to one of the oldest dorm-based Christian
fellowships in the university, the Molave
Christian Movement.

Alumni organize. . .
(from page 1)

Pastor Carlos Novister, a long-time
spiritual adviser of the organization, is
especially helpful in tapping older alumni
because most of them were under his care
during their stay in UP.
A meeting with the current DCF executive committee was scheduled by the
alumni officers next month to get to know
their counterparts better and to build relationships with the younger generation of

Yen, Shine, Chloe, Darwin and Marvee joined the hand mime team that
presented during the Freshie Treat on
June 29, 2011 at the CSWCD Function
Hall. Around 16o freshman students
attended the program.

Writer’s note: ACLE as God’s ministry
Saang ACLE ka pupunta? Mouths of
students utter this question and ears of their
colleagues hear it.
As the scheduled ACLE date approaches, many become excited and the question
above becomes a common buzz among students.
However, students are not the only ones
who get excited about this event. Members
of the UP CC get excited as well. Not only
will they have the chance to teach what
their Spirit-filled hearts are pounding for,
but they will also have the opportunity to
reach out to the students in this campus.
Isn’t that great?
It is a joy for the UP Christian Community to see students appreciating the magnificence of Christ. UPCC targets to have a
room filled with students profoundly listening and discovering the splendor of God as
a divine Author and Designer of the world
we live in.
It will be a worthwhile experience to
come and to listen to the talk regarding the
two valuable topics. Let us pray for those
hearts and minds that will be opened during
the event, so that they may not only enjoy
the experience of learning about our Creator
but they may also experience the true joy in
being part of the family of the Creator. Pray
that they will see that in the center of all the
creations, there is a God who controls and
sees that everything is in its place.
Indeed, the Holy Spirit guided the core
to formulate the UPCC ACLE. The eagerness of each Christian organization to partake in this event was evident. Unity was
and will be among us.

Page 9

DCF fellowships. . .
(from page 2)

Alpha if we changed the content. So
after much praying and thinking, we
named it Discovery Meetings,” he said.
DM’s current coordinator, Armin
Alforque, another elder of DCBC, was
among the first ever attendees of the
meetings nine years ago. He had complete attendance then and said the topics helped him in his personal quest for
“DM changed my life completely.
It caused me to read the bible which in
turn introduced me to Christ who then
put me right with the Father,” said Alforque.
The Discovery Meetings run every
Tuesday, 6 to 8 p.m. at the Church of
the Risen Lord (CRL). This is in partnership with the State Varsity Christian
Fellowship, UP Christian Youth Movement, CRL and DCBC.

WANTED: Pubcore Members
----The Publicity Committee is still
praying for members. You don’t
have to be a writer, an artist or a
comunicator, you just need to have
time and commitment.
It is by God’s grace that we are able
to produce this Dormwatch Newsletter.
Though undermanned, we trust in
God that He will bring more to
the DCF Publicity Committee.

Issue 1 2011-2012

Dormwatch Newsletter

Page 10

Issue 1 2011-2012

Dormwatch Newsletter

Jet’s testimony. . .


(from page 10)

I am Jet – currently a student in the
University of the Philippines – Diliman,
loves the color purple, plays the guitar, a
Christian. I love God because He first loved
When you ask me who I was 6 years
ago, I might have answered differently. I
was a high school student, loved the color
purple since then, and I thought I was a
Christian. I was raised in a God-fearing Roman Catholic environment.
I really used to think I was perfect
back then in grade school. I failed to see
back then how my father was emotionally
absent, and how it caused me to seek the
love I’ve been longing from him in the
wrong places.
And with regards to God, well, I might
have told you I love God, but I’m pretty
sure I didn’t know what it meant, and understood how strong and deep its demands
are for me.
It was until sometime during my 3rd
year in high school when I was invited to
a bible study in our school in Iloilo. I was
interested in joining but a friend of mine
who was a devout Roman Catholic stopped
me and told me that it wasn’t for people in
our “religion” to read the bible.
Pero ang amazing ni Lord, because
when He wants to reveal Himself to you,
talagang gagawin at gagawin niya yun.
When I got home in Bacolod, I found
out that my family has been attending a
bible study as well! During that time our
family was facing problems with my father,
and how his alcohol drinking got so seriously out of hand that everything was just
falling apart. His doctor was a Christian
and invited the whole family to have a
regular bible study with their pastor.
So I started opening my mind a bit,
listening to what the pastor was explaining

about the bible. I found out a lot of things
that I didn’t knew before, and caused me
to be even more and more curious about
this little brown book in front of me. Summer came and my mom invited me to this
summer camp where youth from different
bible churches in Bacolod were coming. I did not hesitate to go because I was
excited to add more people to my cellphone
phonebook and meet new friends. I met one
counselor who asked me if I have accepted
Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and I
thought, “Kilala ko naman Siya. I believe in
Him as the Lord and Savior,” and said yes.
Then she challenged me. “Kung totoong
tinanggap mo na Siya as your Lord and
Savior punta ka sa harap mamaya ha kapag
tinawag kayo,” to which I replied, again a
thoughtless, “Sure.”
Evening came and the pastor was
already talking in front. I was honestly
unable to listen to the things he was saying
because I was so bothered with what the
counselor has challenged me to do. Go up
in front? Declare Jesus as Lord and Savior?
I suddenly started to feel the weight of the
decision I had to make, and finally everything just made perfect sense to me.
Jesus died on the cross in my place.
He took all of my sins, and everyone’s sins

with him to the cross and died a death that
should have been mine. Accepting him as
my Lord and Savior wasn’t just merely
"believing” or “knowing” He is so, but
actually living each moment of my life like
I do “believe” and “know” He is my Savior.
In other words, I had to commit my life to
Him. I wanted to do so, but I was scared
that I can’t please Him with my life. I knew
right then and there, that when I say “yes”
to him and do stand up in front, I will also
be saying “no” and be turning my back
against sin.
I knew that when I said yes to Jesus
then, I had nothing to lose. In fact, I had
everything to gain. Right then and there, I
can embrace the beauty of an eternal life
with Him in heaven. Right then and there,
I can say yes to a life filled with hope and
purpose. Then I asked myself, if I can’t
make decision now, kelan pa?
Then I just broke down into tears,
knowing I was nothing compared to His
majesty, knowing I was a sinner amidst His
holiness, knowing I was weak and helpless
in contrast to His power and strength. I felt
so guilty of all of my sins, and for living
my life for myself. I wasn’t perfect at all.
I was never a good girl. I was caught up in

Page 11

my waves of sins, and I know not one of
any good thing I’ve done can save me from
drowning – only Jesus can.
So when the pastor invited people who
accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior to
come in front, I prayed, finally thoughtfully said yes to my Lord, and with my face
all puffy and red from tears, stood up, and
went in front. And I cried even harder as I
fell to my knees in the beauty and holiness
of my Lord Jesus Christ.
Now, I can’t say I’m perfect. But I
know I’ll be when my Lord comes again. I
can’t say I don’t sin anymore. But I know
that a Counselor from my Lord is continually saving me from doing so and molding
me to become like Jesus. I can’t say I don’t
have any problems. In fact, I have a lot of
them. But I know that my God is in control
of my life, and moreover, He’s there to
guide me, mold me and comfort me along
the way.
Saying yes to Jesus was the best decision I made in my life. He now controls
my life, not me. And who wouldn’t want a
sovereign and wise God to do so with one’s
Everything I’ve been through and still
am going through have a purpose.
If you haven’t said yes to Jesus yet, I
am challenging you the same thing that that
counselor challenged me to do. You may
not necessarily stand up and come in front,
but I challenge you to seek Him, for in
seeking Him that’s where you find Him. As
what God said in Jeremiah 29:13, “You will
seek me and find me when you seek me
with all your heart.”
So let me end by doing my introduction again.
I am Jet – currently an extended
student in the University of the Philippines
– Diliman, still loves the color purple, plays
the guitar for the Lord, a proud and hopeful
Christian. I love God because He first loved
me. This is my testimony. : )

Issue 1 2011-2012

Dormwatch Newsletter

Page 12


“Oh, how good and
pleasant it is when brethren
dwell together in unity.“

Psalm 133:1

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