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Treffurt is a town in the district of Wartburg in Thuringia . It lies in the valley of the Werra
River in the extreme west of the Federal Lands directly on the border with Hesse . Treffurt is known for is its historic old town with many restored half-timbered buildings, including the Town Hall with one of the most important timber-framed buildings in Thuringia. The valley is dominated by the city of Norman stone castle , which she is widely
visible landmark. Of importance is also the late-Romanesque church.
Treffurt is located in the northwestern Wartburgkreis directly on the border with Hesse .
Through the city flows the river Werra , here once by the three fords led, whence the
name derives Treffurt. Treffurt lies mostly north of the river Werra, where the old town
on the hillside immediately goes up to the castle.
Its history- in 768 Charlemagne built the monastery Homburg in Bad Langensalza He sat
the lords "of Driefurt" as stewards of one of the monastery. Treffurt in 1104 was the first
time on a charter of the archbishop of Mainz Ruthard mentioned. It describes that the
bishop consecrates the "cell" with a falcon altar, which is a "Pilgrim de Trifurte" mentioned as a witness.
Because of its location at the crossroads of two trade routes Treffurt gained national importance during the Middle Ages. To protect the fords was already in the 11th Century
the installation of Norman stone castle began. In the following years Treffurt
Town hall
quickly became a major regional trading center. It was supported by the 1333 law in
awarding the city. 1532 Treffurt received by Emperor Charles V, the right "to a weekly market every Saturday and
two fairs on St. Simon and St. Georgi hold".
Treffurt from 1336 was for centuries an Ganerbschaft in possession of the Electorate of Saxony , Electoral Mainz
and Hesse-Kassel , [2] until the 18th Kurmainz century the country's sovereignty alone took over. 1803 Treffurt
came to Prussia , where the district of Mulhouse belonged. In 1945 the Prussian territories in northern Thuringia
then came to the state of Thuringia . 1950 Treffurt moved to the county Eisenach , in 1952 with new limits as a circle Eisenach in the district of Erfurt ,
which it belonged until 1994.
Since German reunification in 1990, it has seen extensive renovations and
investment, it has settled back to business in the city and the tourism has
began again.