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On the other hand, given its focus on Buridan’s conception of the relationships between
language, thought and reality, this book does cover not only Buridan’s strictly logical ideas, but
also his closely related ideas concerning the philosophy of mind and language and epistemology,
as well as some illustrations of the application of his nominalist conceptual apparatus in
metaphysics and other fields, to convey an idea of how Buridan’s nominalism is supposed to
Throughout this book, wherever possible, I will let Buridan speak for himself. Nevertheless, I
will discuss in detail especially those aspects of his thought that are most directly relevant to our
modern theoretical concerns in philosophical logic, philosophy of mind and language,
metaphysics and epistemology. In these discussions, I will try to present his ideas as providing
an at least reasonable (if not more reasonable) alternative to our modern ways of approaching
these issues. I hope that in these discussions Buridan’s ideas will prove to be at least provocative
enough to motivate the modern reader to engage him directly in the contemporary discourse in
these fields.