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Chapter  1.3  –  Studying  Life  

What  does  biology  mean?  
Bio  –  life      
-­‐ology  –  the  study  of  
The  study  of  living  and  once  living  things  
Biologist  –  one  who  studies  living  things  

CharacterisBcs  of  Living  Things  
"  Most  living  things  
     share  several    
"  These  characterisBcs  
     include  the  following    
 eight  features:  

CharacterisBcs  of  Living  Things  
Living  things…  
1.  Reproduce  
•  All  organisms  produce  new  
•  Occurs  in  different  ways  
(animals  vs.  plants)  
•  Sexual  ReproducBon    
             two  cells  from  different  
•  Asexual  ReproducBon  
 single  parent  –  cell  divides  in  
half  or  porBon  of  organism  
splits  off  to  form  new  

CharacterisBcs  of  Living  Things  
Living  things…    
2.  Grow  and  Develop  


Uses  materials  and  energy  from  the  environment  
to  increase  in  size  
All  organisms  grow  
during  at  least  part  of  
their  life  cycle  
Living  things  have  a    
definite  size  and  shape  

CharacterisBcs  of  Living  Things  
•  Development  –  all  


the  changes  that  
occur  as  a  living  thing  
(ex.  Frogs)  
Development  is  each  
organism’s    disBnct  
life  cycle  
Living  things  also  have  
a  life  span=  “birth”,  
rapid  growth,  
maturity,  decline  and  

CharacterisBcs  of  Living  Things  
Living  things…  
3.  Need  Materials  and  
Energy  (food)  

Some  animals  hunt  
others  eat  plants  
others  eat  both  

CharacterisBcs  of  Living  Things  
Use  energy  

Energy  –  the  ability  to  do  work  

How  do  living  things  get  energy  from  food?  
Cellular  respira9on  –  the  process  by  which  food  is  
broken  down  and  energy  is  released  
–  Oxygen  is  used;    
Water,  CO2,  and    
energy  are  released  
–  Metabolism  –  
                 is  the  combinaBon  of  chemical    
 reacBons  through  which    
 an  organism  builds  up  or    
 breaks  down  materials  

CharacterisBcs  of  Living  Things  
"  Other  special  needs  include:  
 Water  
 Gas  exchange  
 Constant  temperature  
 Stable  air  pressure  
 Living  space  

CharacterisBcs  of  Living  Things  
Living  things…  
4.  Made  of  cells  

Cells  –  are  the  basic  
unit  of  life  
Are  highly  organized  
and  precisely  put  

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