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Collector’s Corner
Halloween Howls

Village for Sale

Curt Schaaf of Branchburg, NJ, is selling the Lemax
collection of his late wife, who was an avid collector.
You can contact Curt via e-mail at: cvschaaf2009@

One Halloween a trick-or-treater
came to my door dressed as the
movie character “Rocky,” wearing
boxing gloves and satin shorts. Soon
after I gave him some goodies, he
returned for more.

Our New Address

We have a new mailing address for all
correspondence to the Lemax Collector’s Club:
Lemax Collector’s Club
25 Pequot Way
Canton, MA 02021

“Aren’t you the same ‘Rocky’ who left
my doorstep several minutes ago?” I

You can still reach us via email at:

“Yes,” he replied, “but now I’m the
sequel. I’ll be back three more times
tonight, too.”

Have You Seen Our
Facebook Page?
There has been plenty of activity
on the new Lemax Collector’s
Club Facebook page. If you
have not joined Facebook or
if you have taken the time to
explore our page, please spend
a few minutes to visit. Lemax
enthusiasts from around the
work have been sharing their
ideas, questions and photos since
we launched the page in the
Spring. Join in the fun!