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Title: 04-11 EES Newsletter
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April 1, 2011



Students in Mrs. Allen’s
3rd grade class had the
opportunity to talk to a
local musher, Traci
Halvorson, to learn more
about dog sledding as well
as have the chance to go on
a dog sled ride.
Thank you Traci for the
wonderful experience!

Aroostook County Art


Emma Lamoreau

Josh Peers


Austyn Cowley

Elise Allen


Eva Callioris

Kathleen Haney


Annalynn Fredette Taylor Devoe


Paige Lento

Ashley Cowley


Kyle Flewelling

Breann Clayton


Kassidy Brewer

Cecelia Ferris

On March 7th, the
Aroostook Centre Mall
showcased county student
artwork in their annual art
exhibition. Elementary
students with art in the
show included: Grace
Flewelling, Maggie

McQuade, Eva Callioras,
Alysabeth Lamoreau,
Mitchell Flewelling, Troy
Chasse, Ashley Crowley,
Shelliese Mullen, Katelyn
White, Isabelle Morin, and
Elise Allen.

The library started the year off in a great way by receiving a wonderful
donation of books from the Presque Isle Rotary Club, and by being
approved to form a student team to help create a library website (https://
sites.google.com/site/eastonelementaryschoollibrary/ ). The library staff
has also been preparing the library for automation which will take place
over the next 18 months. Lastly, a small team has been formed to
participate in a research contest called MARVELous May!

Poetry Alive! was a high-energy show
presented by a team of two professional
performers. The performers turned poetry into


ECP students get into the spirit by having
their faces painted like cats.

5th and 6th Graders at the
Olympics Concert

K- 8 students recently participated in
the biathlon. This was a fabulous event
and we can’t wait for the next one!

continued on page 2

March 14th Grades 4-6 celebrated Pi
Day (3.14)!  Students in grade 4 were
surprised to know that there is
another Pi (Pie).  Activities included
tracing a Pi pattern around a paper
plate, making beaded bracelets with
the pattern, and measuring cookies to
find the circumference and area
before they could eat their treat.

Staff singing Blitzen’s Boogie

ECP students celebrated Dr. Seuss’
birthday during Reading Awareness
Week. Mother’s Day Tea will be held on
May 6th.
Kindergarten enjoyed skiing through
the Maine Winter Sports program.
Mrs. Phillips helped all children in the
district ski this month.

1st graders and kindergarteners have
started a cooperative learning
activity. “Techy Tuesday” is bringing
these students together to help each
other with technological skills.

Grade 2 has enjoyed learning about
magnets. Mrs. Chandler from MPS
visited our classroom with many
activities to review and learn new

Students from both Kennebunk and
Easton have been spending the month
reading at home to see who can read
for the greatest amount of time as a
class. We are tracking the amount of
time spent reading and converting it
into miles as the two classes race
along the Iditarod trail.
This year Young Authors' will be at UMPI
on Friday, April 1. The students chosen to
attend from our school are: Wilder
Mitchell, Katelyn White, Sydnee Waters,
Emma Bonner, Taylor Brown and Kristen
The featured speaker is Maine author
Cynthia Lord.


Upcoming Events...

18th - 22nd Vacation

5th graders have just finished
designing their advertisements for the
Star Herald. Look for those to be on
newsstands soon.


Family Math Day



Elementary Play

After winning the Aroostook
Geography Bee, Jake Flewelling will
be competing in Augusta in the State
Geography Bee. Good Luck Jake!

Health classes have been working on
healthy ways of dealing with bullying
are being explored. This series also
teaches the students behavioral skills
needed in everyday situations.

Students raised over $2500 dollars
for the American Heart Association
in our Jump Rope for Heart program.  
Two classes are tied for our Golden
Shoe award: 3rd and 6th grade.

The Olympics Concert medalist this
year are Bronze: Kindergarden, Silver,
Grade 1, Gold: Grade 4. The upper
grades are readying for assessments;
the younger students are honing their
singings skills. The instrumentalists
are all doing a great job on recorders
and band instruments, and we look
forward to a wonderful Elementary
Art day in June.
Seminars to encourage problem solving in the
areas of math and science were recently held
at UMPI. Autumn Gray, Delia Bonner, Paige
Flewelling and Katelyn White attended "Girls
and Gifts." Boys attending "Guys and Goals"
were: Jacob Flewelling, Hunter Brown, Keegan
Kinney and Matt Poole, Elise Allen, Jake
Flewelling, Katelyn White, and Cecelia Ferris
attended Creative Problem Solving Day.

Our Winterfest on Ma
rch 14 was a
huge success - thank
you to parents
who sent in supplies
and cookies!
 We also had wonderf
ul attendance
at our Spring Parent/T
Conferences - thank
you for taking
the time to talk abou
t student
Grade 5 students wi
ll participate in
the MEA Science tes
ting in May.  
We will be offering a
Family Math
Day on Saturday, Ma
y 7.  Please
mark your calendars
spending some fun ma d plan on
th time with
your children at sch

Malcolm Francis Sci

ence Center

The Malcolm Franci
s Science Center
will be hosting a fam
ily science day
on Saturday, April 30
For more information,

call 488-5451

Our school recently participated in Wear Red
Day to honor heart health. Staff and students
all wore red for a group photo which was then
submitted to TAMC. We were awarded with a
$100 check and those proceeds will go
towards the purchase of a Wii for everyone at
school to enjoy. A big “Thank You” to TAMC
for their generous gift.
Keep an eye open for the lovely red tulips
planted around our school sign last fall by our

Easton Jr/Sr High School
Spring News Letter 2011



Mr. Sutherland

Mrs. Smith

The year is truly flying by. The kids are putting forth a
strong effort with their class work and it’s paying
dividends. The math team placed first in all five meets
this year and captured the Aroostook Small School
Division title. Individual
winners included Jake
Bacon a senior placing
third. Juniors, Holden
Turner, Megan Frank and
Jonah Bacon swept the
Junior division placing
1st, 2nd and 3rd
respectively. Carla Halvorson placed 3rd as a
Sophomore. This years state team finished 12th out

I have been looking at the calendar recently, and am
dumbfounded by the fact that fourth quarter is on its
way! This year has been a good one for me, as the
Student Council advisor for the first time ever. The
students have been excellent, and they are always
coming up with new ideas to improve the school
environment. It won’t be long, and we will be helping
the Key Club and NHS with the yearly MS Walk and
be preparing for the school picnic. It’s wonderful to
see students lending a helping hand and taking part in
their school community! In
British Literature, the juniors and
seniors are working on a British
author book project of their
choice, sophomores are learning
about social issues during the
French Revolution from A Tale of
Two Cities, and the freshmen are
experiencing their first
Shakespeare play, Julius Caesar.

of a field of 23.
They had the second
highest team score
of all Aroostook
County teams in


National Honor Society
Miss Murchison
Sydney Trask is nearing the end of her term as the NHS State
President. I have enjoyed working with Sydney, and I am very
proud of all of her accomplishments. At the March State
Convention, Sydney handed the gavel over to Jonah Bacon. Jonah,
a member of the Junior Class, was elected as the 2012 State NHS
president. Sydney and Jonah will attend the May transition meeting
in Augusta which will conclude Sydney’s duties and begin Jonah’s

Sydney Trask
2011 State NHS

Jonah Bacon

The Northern Region Spring convention will be held at Presque Isle High
2012 State NHS
School on April 14. I am pleased to announce that three members will be
running for regional offices--Holden Turner, President; Ariana Babineau, Vice President
President; and Meghan Frank, Secretary/Treasurer. Once again, Easton Junior
Senior High School will be well represented.




Mrs. Kinsey

Miss Hutchison

Mr. West

The Music Department at the Jr/
Sr High School has been busy.
Fine Arts Night was a huge
success, showcasing our High
School Visual Art, Band, Chorus
and Jazz Programs as well as the
One Act Play. A fun time was had
by all in attendance. GREAT
JOB! The Jazz Choir will be
heading to Ellsworth on April 2
for the State Jazz Competition.
Wish them luck! The Final
Concert of the year, in
conjunction with the Jr. High Art
Show will be Thursday night,
May 26 at 7:00.

What is new at the high school in
arts this year?The high school arts
students created some fantastic
sculptures. Those figures are fun
colorful and whimsical. Come and
take a look at them. They are being
displayed at the high school library.


What an incredible year we are
This is
truly a
year of
and many
as world
to dominate the news. Currently
the freshmen are studying the
French Revolution as well as
studying events in North Africa
to compare and contrast the two.
The sophomores are working
diligently on their research
papers and the juniors are
studying World War II. I must
add as the junior class advisor
how proud I am of each of them
as this class continues to
distinguish itself.

English Jr./Sr.



Lynda Furen-Turner

Mary Ruth Nichols

Polly Burnett

100% of seniors graduating from
Easton Jr/Sr High School on June
10, 2011 have been accepted to
college and will continue their
education at the post secondary

Junior High students are enjoying
classic American novels: The
Yearling and Where the Red Fern
Grows. Both novels follow the
maturation of a boy and focus on
their relationships with their
beloved pets.
Seventh and eighth graders recite
poetry. Below is Hannah Ferris
reciting “Paul Revere’s Ride” by
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
Junior and seniors are up to the
Victorian period of English
literature. Their thick anthology

Jacob Bacon UMPI/Political Science
Brittanee Blodget NMCC/Early Childhood
Thanks to a generous $25,000 grant

from the Stephen and Tabitha King
Foundation, the Easton Elementary
and Junior/Senior High School
Jeffrey Condon NMCC/Liberal Studies libraries will soon be automated.
Katie Cyr UMPI/Elementary Education Our library catalogs will be merged
into a centralized web-based online
Christopher Flewelling NMCC/Diesel
catalog that will allow our patrons
to review, renew and reserve
library materials they have or want
Samantha Fuller UMPI/Biology
to check out.
Zachary Clark UMaine/Mechanical

Devyn Gray NMCC/Diesel Hydraulics

Brooke Hammond UMPI/Social Work
Jonathan Kimble NMCC/Computer

text was quite imposing last
August and now they are getting
towards the end! Most students
enjoy the more modern language
of this period.

Taylor Lawrence UMPI/Undecided
Brooke Lunney NMCC/Business

In addition, the new automated
program called ATRIUUM, will
expand our collection beyond the
walls of our libraries by giving us
access to library resources around the
country, anytime, anywhere.

Marissa Parlin UMPI/Education/Marines We ask for your patience as the

library staff learns the process of
Timothy Philbrick NMCC/Residential installation and all the functions
of this new system. Our goal is
to make the transition as
Brittany Tompkins NMCC/Early seamless as possible, without
Childhood Education
any interruption in accessing our
Sydney Trask UMaine/Communication resources or library services.
Sciences and Behaviors


Tech Prep Biology
Mrs. Richardson
To the left is Justin Guerette measuring the movement of dyes in an electrophoresis
experiment . The class has just completed a unit on DNA, finishing with DNA

Junior High Science
Mrs. Richardson
On the left seventh grader Clay Plourde is explaining
the inheritance of blood type to his classmates. On
the right eighth graders Abby Thompson and Ashley
Hersey are experimenting with pulleys.

Junior High Art
Mrs. Richardson
On the right Bailee Getchell is completing a negative/positive space project. Shape is
one of the elements of design studied in seventh grade art. Below are eighth grade
projects showing radial balance. Featured are the creations of Cody Halvorson and
Kelsey Frank. Balance is one of the principle of design studied in the eighth grade.

Cody Halvorson’s

Kelsey Frank’s

Physical Education / Health
Miss Phillips
The junior high students raised over $1000 for the American
HeartAssociation. All classes were able to get on skis this winter to
cross-country ski. Parents vs. students volleyball night will be hosted
before break, students have a chance to earn extra credit. Dance night
is planned for late spring so get your dancing shoesready!


As my 10th and last year as your Superintendent/Elementary Principal comes
to an end, I want to thank the community of Easton for the honor and privilege of
serving in this capacity. The ten years have flown by and are filled with far too
many fond memories to count. I have been extremely proud to be your
Superintendent. The Easton School Department is a shining star among the school
districts in Maine. Our Jr/Sr High School has scored among the top ten high
schools in the state the last four years on the state assessment exams. Easton High
School’s graduation rate was the second highest in Maine on a recent state
department report. Your schools are staffed by excellent professionals who are
among the best in the state.
The Easton community is a wonderful place to raise children. There is such
a strong commitment to the well being and support of every child. I hope that as
time passes the community commitment to the schools never wavers. The schools
are a central part of what makes Easton such an exceptional place for children. Be
wary of losing control of your schools in any form of consolidation. Your schools
are reflective of this community and that won’t be the case if you become part of a
consolidated structure.
Communities all over the state are closing their schools in the newly
consolidated structures. In almost every case the schools that are forced to close
are those in the smallest communities in the consolidated district. The reality of

these arrangements is that smaller schools are expendable in the minds of the new
school boards. The sad result is that once these small towns lose their schools, the
next stage is the inevitable loss of the community. This is a sad commentary on
the public policy of our government that small rural communities are seen as an
inefficient drag on the economy of the state and are thus expendable. I hope that
Easton will continue to be a bright light among great communities to raise a family
and that the Easton School Department will continue to provide a first class
education to our students. Your community has much to be proud of, but the
success comes as a result of hard work, commitment, and diligent oversight by
I want to thank my staff and all of the students for making my time here so
positive. I want to thank the Town Selectmen and the Town Managers for their
cooperation and support. I can’t thank the seven school board members that I have
served under enough for having confidence in me and giving me the privilege to
lead this school district. Thank you Easton for ten memorable years working with
your young people and best of luck in the future.

     Mrs.  Brewer  
Child Find Notice: In compliance with Maine Special Education Regulations the Easton School Department
would like to ensure that all students between the ages of 3 and 20 years including state wards, state agency
clients, students attending private schools, students attending home schools, and institutional residents who
reside within the Easton geographic jurisdiction, who may be in need of special education and or supportive
services, are located, identified, and evaluated. If you believe your child is in need of an evaluation or services
please call the Special Services Administrator in the Easton School District at 488-7701.
Section 504: Students with disabilities who DO NOT qualify for special education services.
Section 504 is one part of the federal Rehabilitation Act which was enacted by Congress to combat
discrimination against many of the more vulnerable groups in our society. Section 504 is not to be confused with
students with disabilities who require special education services. Section 504 generally bars discrimination
against students with disabilities in the services and programs that are administered by any entity that receives
federal funds. There are three categories under which a student may qualify as an individual with a disability.
A student who has a “physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of
that individual”
A student who has “a record of such an impairment” a student who is “being regarded as having such an
If you suspect your child may qualify for Section 504 please contact Special Services Administrator in the Easton
School District at 488-7701.  


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