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The Gender War : A Guidebook for the Male Gender
Yuri Brother

Face it. A war against men exists. And it is being wage on the male gender both as a
group and on any male individual which does not serve the purposes of females. In this
article, we are going to discuss the various techniques that are being taught to women,
that have been taught to women for nearly forty years now, by feminist plants in
academia and the legal profession. I will also teach you many secrets, hidden things
unknown even to the most ardent of feminists. I will teach you what feminism actually
is, what it is not, who really brought feminism into being, how it was popularized and by
Forget what you were taught in the history books, women's studies classes, and so forth.
What I'm going to teach you is the real story behind feminism. I am a retired
psychological operations officer thats been in the business since 1968. The reason I am
writing this is two-fold. First, I am watching the decline of our nation, which I find,
personally, unpleasant to say the least. This decline is happening as a direct result of
feminist agendas. There does not exist any other cause. Secondly, I am not a professional
liar, as are absolutely all of the politicians in Washington, D.C., are. I am a very honest
person that would like to make a contribution to our society by simply throwing the truth
out there. Everything I am going to tell you in this monograph is the truth, pure and
simple. This is not to say you will not have trouble believing the painful truths contained
herein, trust me, you will have trouble believing. But it is all truth nonetheless. As a
dying man, I have no reason to hold back the truth any longer. I want to leave something
good behind. This will be it. I hope you enjoy this read, and you may take it all to heart.
Objective Realism
Here is a first truth you may find difficult to believe. A project was undertaken by the
United States government on behalf of, and sponsored by, various Wall Street firms and
a few other major U.S. Corporations, sometime back in the early 1950's. For legal
reasons, I will refer to this project as P1. Now, the main goal of P1, though considered
merely preparatory for things to come, was a very ambitious thing. An awful thing I had
always believed since first learning of it, but nonetheless ambitious and impressive if it
could be achieved. And it was!
Project P1 was a system for methodically achieving a drastically reduced capacity for a
natural thinking skill known as objective realism. Now, objective realism is never
mentioned in any of the psychology textbooks or sociology textbooks, and so forth.