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AurorusVox Presents


For centuries, there was no better place for an adventurer than the Kingdom of Malura. Their liege,
Salarenzo, was a kind and just king, and even amongst those who fell on the wrong side of his laws
were people who admired him for his level headedness and kindness to those in need. His lands were
cursed with monsters that roamed freely, but the heroes of the Kingdom helped to keep them in
check. After all, you could make good money as an adventurer, and even the townsfolk enjoyed a
moderate income from the sale of weaponry and spell books. Inns were a flourishing business, and
the town guards were rarely troubled by the demonic creatures wandering too close.
The people had once prayed to the gods to banish the monsters, but their prayers had never been
answered. At least the heroes were making a difference. And so, over the years, the people began to
forget about the gods, and pay more heed to the accomplishments of mankind, until, some one
hundred years ago, the gods rebelled.
The priests tell us that it was man’s hubris that incited the gods. According to the ancient scriptures,
the gods drew their power from the continual worship of their people, and those who still preached
the gods’ will could sense that they were beginning to weaken. If they did not act soon, their time
would be coming to its end.
Something had to be done. But the King, enamoured as he was with the strength of his people,
ignored the pleas of the priests.
The stories tell of how Lioar and Gogith, the two most powerful beings in the world, joined forces. Of
how their rivalry and hatred for one another was quelled under the shared threat they faced in the
Era of the Heroes. Of how, all across the Kingdom, from the northernmost tips of the Irium Woods to
the sandy shores of Rook’s Coast, the ground and sky split in two, as a Great Rift opened.
The monsters that had lived and died in Salarenzo’s kingdom were nothing compared to the horrors
that crept out from the Rift. All across the Kingdom, whole swathes of adventurers fought, but very