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they could ever prevent. It was their fault that the Rifts had opened in the first place! Finally, the
guards no longer used the word “hero.” They instead said “traitor.”
As we join our adventurers, almost all heroes have been wiped out; they either retired willingly once
more, or else were dealt with through the Courts. But, beyond the borders of the outer reaches of the
kingdom, lay a town where the Royal Decree had no hope of being successful. Llaranastra was a
walled city that for centuries had stood as a fortress successfully barring entry to the kingdoms to the
North. To cross the border with an army in tow would have been tantamount to declaring war; as
such, it remained isolated from the probing fingers of the Royal Guard.
Llaranastra was the last home of the heroes.
Heroes flocked there from all over the kingdom, searching for the safety afforded by its history and
its defences. Aurorus was not ignorant; he knew that the heroes were gathering here. His mind
reeled as he considered what plots were being hatched behind those walls. Not only was he worried
about a second retribution of the gods, he now feared a backlash from the collected heroes; with the
might of the Northern Kingdoms behind them, he could see his rule rapidly slipping away. He knew he
couldn’t assault the city; it was too defensible, and he had already thinned the ranks of his own army.
He’d require a more subtle approach.
Walking down to the lowest levels of the jails where the inmates were held before their execution, he
dangled a key before him. He looked at the heroes, no more than shells of their former selves, and
selected three of them. He gave them their instructions. They were to make it to Llaranastra
unhindered; and when they got there, they would slowly kill each and every hero within its walls. It
was that, or die here on the cold stone floor tonight. He would make sure they did not receive their
final blessings, did not have a chance to confess their sins. He looked them each dead in the eyes, and
asked this simple question;
“Are you in?”