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Author: Russel Craig

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Message From The Editor
Welcome to the October issue of „The Cashflow Magazine‟, the monthly online magazine,
Empowering You, your business and investment through providing cashflow strategies
and education.
WOW..! what an awesome and humbling interview. I had the privilege of spending some
private time from the comfort of my own home in New Zealand with the Queen of
Financial Literacy, co-Author of „Rich Dad Poor Dad‟, „Three Feet From Gold‟ And
„Outwitting The Devil‟-Sharon Lechter.
Hope you enjoy the information she shares with me.
The team here are looking forward to serving you and look forward to hearing about
your results.
Russel Craig- Editor In Chief.
Creator Of „The Pineapple Financial Intelligence Model‟
And author of „The Strangest Secrets To Living A Life
Of Debt Freedom‟-14 Simple Easy Steps To Financial
Freedom Mastery.

A Private Interview With Sharon Lechter……………………. Page 3-5
How we grew the Rich Dad Brand
Sharons very personal „rich‟ rules
Sharons 2x2x2 Daily Success Ritual
A Private Interview With Greg Reid…………………………… Page 6
The Success Equation
Becoming a Job Maker Not A Job Taker
How To Get Rich
Coin Is King
Rich Dad Poor Dad Key Lesson………………………………….. Page 7-8
The Rich Don‟t Work For Money
Lesson 2: Mind Your Own Business
Lesson 3: The History And The Power Of Corporations

Sharon Lechter-Rich Dad Poor Dad
Private Interview
About Sharon

How We Grew The Rich Dad Brand
Rich Dad grew as a result of
passion, my talent but really the right
association. We established relationship
with organizations that could support the
message that we taught and it really
helped to explode the success of the Rich
Dad Company. We then grew it even
further by finding other organizations
that are really good at what they do and
then we partnered with them.
We had an outside commercial company
because we didn‟t want to build that
talent in house. We had an outside
publishing company and used their
departments to help really streamline
and get the message and get the books
out there all over the world. We had an
another company that helped with video.

Sharon Lechter is co-author of the
International best seller, “Rich Dad Poor
Dad‟ and 14 other Rich Dad books
(27 Million Rich Dad books) and “Three
Feet From Gold”.
She is on the Presidents Advisory council
and Founder, CEO of Pay Your Family
Sharon also works with the Napolean Hill
Foundation to develop materials to teach
Napolean Hills principles to families,
women and young people.
transcribed from a Private telephone
conversation I had with Sharon.
amazing, very successful woman. The
wisdom she shares is priceless.

Our success was a global license strategy
where we could partner with the people
that were already in the industry and in
the market where we wanted to go and
we could use their systems and their
resources and create opportunities to
reach many more people with the
Responsibility‟ which is taught in the
Rich Dad books.
I like liberating other people‟s expertise
in the global
market. In today‟s market that‟s really
the quickest way to build a business, to
find someone who is already where you
want to go and utilize their strength. It
adds revenue to them because you are
paying them for their expertise and you
have the opportunity to reach people
on a quicker basis.
Sharons Personal Financial Rules
My personal financial rules are pretty
simple. I make sure I haveexperts on my
team that are smarter than me. If I want
something new, I try and find an asset
that helps me get the Cash Flow to pay
for it and instead of just taking money

out of my account to spend on
something new, I try and figure out how
can I take this money and buy another
property or can I invest this in a new
company that will help me generate the
cash that will help me in buying what I

expanding your horizons by changing
your associations. But above all, just do
it, take that action, take yourselves to
the next level..

Every day I try to think about being
grateful and thankful for what I have and
understanding that there are so many
people less fortunate than myself.


I often say, you can‟t control what‟s
happening on the international economy,
you may not be able to control what‟s
happening in your national economy, you
may not be able to control your local
economy but you and I have the power
to control what happens to our own
“..If each of us starting taking control of
the decisions we are making and the
money we are spending making better
decisions, we will impact our personal
economy and as a result others will see
that and they will emulate that and
therefore, you start impacting our
community economy and then several
others. Communities will come together
and eventually we will be able to turn the
world around..”
“..It‟s when you look into the mirror
when you go to bed, think about your
family, think about what you are doing,
how you are spending your time and how
you can add value to your own family.
Think about what your dreams are, think
about what your passions are, what your
talents are, and if you are stuck, if you
are concerned about what your future is
……change the people you hangout
or go to a new group, go to a new
changing your association, you start
seeing new opportunities, you will see
enthusiasm, you will see yourself
optimistic about the future as you start





I try to work out every day. I have a
prayer that I say every morning. I check
to see if there are any emails, any
responses. My routine is to set the day,
to set the work what needs to be
accomplished that day and my biggest
routine is what I call
.. the “two by by two by two rule”.
Before I end the day I make sure that I
worked on the future of my business and
that means making two phone calls,
writingtwo personal notes and sending
two emails that will help me move my
business forward. I try to apply it for my
business before I turn off my computer
and go to bed..”

Greg Reid - Personal
Interview:“Three Feet From
Gold”- The Success Equation

passionate about something, but you‟re
not good at it. You‟re not going to make
it, it‟s just reality. So you need passion
but you also have to have talent just to
get started..”
The Success Equation was a result of
speaking with a number of successful
people and businesses and we found a
common denominator amongst the
people that was
…. the most successful were living a
purposeful life.
they all followed that equation. And
again, it doesn‟t deemed by money. I
know a lot of people that are living their
attorneys, as police officers, fireman. It‟s
also about living a life of service and
finding what your true calling is.
So understand this, when we talk about
the success equation, it‟s not always
deemed by dollars and cents, it‟s by
doing what you are truly meant to be on
this planet.
The Success Equation is:
((P + T) x A x A) + F = Personal Success

I‟m sure you pick that topic up
thousand times.


The only thing that Sharon Lechter (co –
author of “Three Feet From Gold” and
“Rich Dad Poor Dad”) and I did different
in “Three Feet from Gold” is we created
something called the success equation
which actually helps people walk them
through defining what their purpose is.
One of these things that drive me nuts is
those old quotes that say follow your
passion and the money will follow.
Quite frankly, I think that‟s a lie. They
follow the passion and the passion is
enough. That‟s not true because if your

(Passion + Talent) x Association x
Action) + Faith
= Personal Success Equation
While you success equation may appear
the same
someone else‟s. You
willingness to take the right action,with
the right association and above all, to
have the faith
yourself is the “secret sauce” that will
make your success unique. May you all
find great success!

Becoming A Job-Maker and Not a Job
The reality is that you can create your
own destiny or you can have other
people create it for you. What Joe
Dudely is talking about is that future
leaders, the CEOs, the visionaries,
they‟re the ones that are going out in
creating the job for the masses. They‟re
the ones that are going out and creating
these new empires like Facebook and all
these different opportunities that we
didn‟t have just a short time ago.

How To Get Rich
To get rich it comes down to
conditioning. One of the things that you
hear all the time is how these lottery
winners or these people, sports icons get
a lot of cash all of a sudden at one time
and then they lose it real fast because
they‟re not conditioned. It‟s the same
thing as if I want to go run a marathon
conditioning, chances are it will kill me.
Unfortunately, that‟s the same exact
scenario it is towards prosperity.
If you‟re not ready for it, you‟re not
conditioned mentally, physically; you‟re
not prepared. Chances are you‟re not
going to keep it because you‟ll go right
back to where you were. I believe in
starting small. I have something that is
called a „Coin Is KING‟.
Coin is King
It‟s real simple. It‟s a jar filled with coins.
Every time I come home, what I do is
that I reached into my pockets and I put
all my change inside it. What happens
when I go to the grocery store, they
say, “Hey, you saved $3 on the sale
item.” I say, “Great.” I intended to spend
that money so I take that $3 of
newfound cash and put it in the jar.

When I go to dinner tonight, and
someone says, “Hey, let me buy dinner.”
“Well, thank you.” I intended to pay. I
ask him, How much is it?” “Well, it‟s
about $52 with tip.” I say, “I appreciate
that.” And I put $52 into that jar
because I was going to spend it
But what happens is that it gets my
brain, it gets me trained unconsciously
filling that jar. Before no time, you end
up having a huge cash flow and you get
in the habit of receiving, paying and
building your prosperity.
So that when things do come in a big
influx of cash, I‟m prepared, I‟m not
going to blow it, I‟m going to be sure
that I‟m saving it and I‟m building it for
something important.

Robert Kiyosaki-“Rich Dad Poor Dad”
– Three Key Lesson

Key Lesson : The Rich Don’t Work for
There are two main emotions which can
prevent people from developing wealth:
fear and desire; fear of not being
able to pay monthly expenses or fear of
losing money keep
many entrenched
in the day-to-day work, preventing many
from evaluating investments and other
sources of income.
The desire to keep up appearances via
buying expensive clothes or cars drives
expenses so high that people have
no choice but to stay focused on their
jobs to maintain their lifestyle. Lesson
one is all about understanding those two
emotions and stopping them from
hindering one‟s success. The Rich Dad
was more focused on ways of creating
residual money, money that increases
even if you don‟t work, rather than
waiting for the next job with a pay raise.

Lesson 2: Mind Your Own Business
The point of this chapter is that a
financially healthy individual should be
spending their spare time not spending
their paychecks, but investing as much
of it as possible in assets (as defined by
this book). This is another lesson I
strongly agree with: pay off your
debts and start investing as soon as you
can into things that can generate

Lesson 3: The History and The Power
This is the power of limited liability. By
creating a personal corporation, the rich
are able to avoid many of the personal
taxes the poor face through corporate
exemption. However, please note the
word avoidance compared to evasion!
Avoidance simply means using loopholes

in tax laws to your advantage where
evasion is simply not paying taxes at all,
which is illegal. By filing as a corporation,
the rich are able to mitigate their losses
to only the amount they invested in the
corporation. They are able to pay taxes
after they pay for expenses. For people
who have jobs, it‟s the opposite case
where taxes are taken out of paychecks
before one is able to cover expenses. In
The Rich People



The People who work for Corporations

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