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Chapter 1: The World of Spira

Spira is the name of the world as seen in Final Fantasy X (& Final Fantasy X-2). As befitting its name, Spira
is characterized by cycles & repetition, such as the spiral of death that the world endures under the yoke of Sin, the
many spheres found in Spira, the blitzball sphere pools, the prayer to Yevon, the Sphere Grid, & Spira’s cycle of life
energy emerging from within the planet’s core, granting life to all its living inhabitants, & then returning to the core
when a life form dies.

The main landmass of Spira is surrounded by small islands, including Besaid, Kilika, Bikanel, & the ruins of
Baaj Temple. The mainland of Spira is where the bulk of Final Fantasy X takes place. The southernmost location,
Luca, is a large city home to Spira’s pastime, Blitzball. North of Luca is the mountainous area of Djose, which features
a Yevonite temple. Connecting Luca & Djose are several roads: the Mi’ihen Highroad, a historical path that features
Chocobos for transportation; the Mushroom Rock Road, home of the failed operation to defeat Sin; & Djose Highroad,
a rocky path that forks north into the Moonflow & east to Djose Temple.
The Moonflow is a large river running through the heart of Spira, featuring shoopuff rides, ancient ruins, & a
high density of pyreflies. A path from the Moonflow leads to Guadosalam, home of the Guado race & the gateway to
the Farplane. North of Guadosalam are the Thunder Plains, which are the site of a never-ending thunderstorm