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Psio in party PvE
In Party we have few roles:

first of all, cc (if cc-able creatures) – you have to watch if
other dmg dealers or healers aren't being attacked and
protect them, if you see that tank is taking to much
damage – let him take a breath but dragging or throwing
mobs away with Pull or Pulse and so on

second of all, dd – rotation on packs of mobs depends if
they are cc-immune or not; for cc-immune I simply go with
Wall of Blades getting rid of Mental Overload with
Mental Calm; for cc-able there's more fun, I go like:
Wall of blades before tank charges into mobs
Telekinetic Pull – to gather them and trigger
Astral Blight effect
Pulse before knockdown from Pull fades
It is important to control ourselves with Pulse, unless we
want to see raged tank, warriors and mages, who wasted
an aoe skill due to the fact we thrown mobs away from
area of range (sometimes it's funny though... :D)
For single cc-immune targets we go crazy with Will
Superssion followed by Pyro/Psycho along with Temporal
Acceleration, restoring mp with Loop of Time when
Acceleration fades.