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Psio in party PvE
For cc-able single targets we add to standard dmg dealing
(will+psycho) Spectral Assassin and puling/pulsing to
trigger Astral Blight effect. Typical roation:

thrid of all,
all mana giving – telepathic gift is a bit
underestimated, but can save all party from dying if we are
able to restore mana to healer, mage or summoner who
need it badly to heal or do finishing an enemy damage; as
we have Superficial Trance we are able to restore whole mp
in only 5 seconds, so we should be always ready to pass
some mana points to another party member instead of
trying to show our awesomeness by dealing highest dps (it
will mean nothing, if whole party is dead...)
Tips for ppl partying with psio:

Try don't attack same, especially cc-able
target as psio – you may kill target with
Wall of Blades applied on it – means no
more aoe dmg from it
Try not to use cc spells – our pull can't
overcome your conflagrate for example and
target won't be dragged with rest to certain
Watch our mp – we do need it to save you