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Psionicist in PvP

I wish I could tell you more about it, but I'm still learnin g.
This is the area of this game I've been avoiding so far, but
now it seems more fun and I really want to try it.


thing is we have great PvP potential. Mental Twin,
Spectral Assassin, all Crowd Control spells, self-healing,
Ectoplasmatic Form, Loop of Time... I've also found very
usefull feature about Wall of Blades. You may think its cast
time is too long for PvP, but I'm sure not many of you know,
that Psio doesn't have to see the target to be able to cast
WoB on it... :)

Crucial here is experience, which I need to gain myself. The
more duels and battles with enemies, the highest chance I'll
learn tactics and tricks usefull against particular classes. I
will need to reconsider stats balance again as well, since
PvP will require more perception and less wisdom.
(And I need to change that historic laptop for something faster... ;D)

If you have any further questions or you just want to chat in-game call for Tsitlucco
on world or telepathy channel or send message on Guild Portal – I'm always willing
to help :)