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Build skills

Skills I've taken might seem chaotic, but they are not, trust

me. Since I could release few talent points from Telekinetic
Pull I've decided to move them to Mental Assasin. This
skill along with self-healing from Mental Cleansing and
Mental Twin (only rank 1, for certain reason though) are
meant to make PvP more fun.
fun And more fun means no more
PvE only with Psychokinessis or Wall of Blades spamming
(this strategy was very efficent of course, but I seek
something new and challanging).
Some choices I made only
due to the fact, that I had
to spend some points on
particuar line before I
could take any skill from
one below. I wish I could
have enough talent points
to max Mental Calm
(mental overload in PvP is
real pain in the as*...), but
for now it works quite
fine. Oh, and my stats are:
luck – around 60% is enough
int – the higher the better
perc – not higher than 20%
wis – 15k mp on lvl 46 seems fine