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Build psychic shock rubie grid
R ubies from this grid are crucial for our single target dps.

deliberately skipped Surge of Intelligence because I've
tried playing with such build and I didn't feel comfortable
with it – it just doesn't fit my playing style.

In my opinion so called must-have-rubies here are: Sadistic
Touch (rank 3), Psychotic Urges (rank 3), Unending (rank 3)
and Demonic (rank 2) Knowledge, Loop of Time,
Ectoplasmatic Excellence (rank 2) and Stress Resistance,
in this build is only rank 1,
but if I had some spare
rubies I'd definatelly go at
least rank 2. My selfhealling skill (Mental
Cleansing) and aoe dmg
dealing one (Wall of
Blades) generates a lot of
Mental Overload which
is something I don't want
to have or I want to get rid
of it asap.