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Build mental link rubie grid

I decided to make some changes. I used to go for
Analitic Thoughts and Potent Telekinesis in this grid, but
considerng my current gear I don't need them anymore. I
took instead Clone Mastery (rank 3) and Dominating Mind
(rank 2, heading for rank 3 when I get an extra ruby). I'm
going to use Mental Twin and Spectral Assassin now so I
definatelly need them to take less damage plus decreased
cooldown of Spectral Assassin will let me cast it more often.


Master (rank 3)
increases damage dealt to
targets affected by Will
Supression making this skill
even better than Mental
Link (especially 'cause it's
instant spell).


decided not to take
Enlightened Path this time
for the same reason I skipped
Analitic Thoughts – my gear
is good enough to do so with
no harm.