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Build pain transfer rubie grid
My favourite! This grid has rubies for all your most
important Crowd Control and area of effect spells.

Mind Bender, Experienced Manipulator, Shattering Pulse,
Stinging Blades and Astral Blight (all rank 3) allows
Psionicist to become outstanding aoe dmg dealer. I've heard
that we cannot act as aoe dps – nothing more wrong! I'm
able to outdamage any class in PvE on group of cc-able


of course comes the
question, what about ccimmune targets? It's not my
concern anymore since I've
decided to explore new areas
in game activity. There is
none permanent cc-immune
players, so all I have to do
now is to survive (Cleansing
Thoughts rank 3 – make
Mental Cleansing instant
spell) when they become
immune and keep having cc
fun with them later. ;)