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Playing style

shown you my build, but without telling you how I
actually play this build might be useless.

So few tips (just few to let you explore this class on your
own – it's really fun!) here how to use Psionicists potential,
how to co-operate with one in party, how to grind and most
of all, how to have fun playing this class.
Common thruths

Buy better computer! (I am serious to death now – Psio is
all about timing, if you are late with Pull or Pulse or
triggering Astral Blight you may lose your chance to win
the fight, it's very important especially in PvP – my laptop
definatelly doesn't meet Psio requirements, but I'm going to accept
challenge and train hard to become very skilled PvP Psio)

Always have Pyrokinesis (or Psychokinesis) precasted
Always have Aura of Fortitude up (30% hp and mp more)
Keep Premonition up (warns you about aproaching enemy)
Remember to do everything to trigger damage from Astral
Blight effect – it can be up to around 40%-50% of your
total damage.